Quite limited knowledge is hiring

Good morning… or evening… or whatever part of day you are enjoying.

Quite limited knowledge is looking for new lost souls, we are small corp based in Calamari backwater system trying to focus on new players. That doesn’t mean bittervets are not welcome, any little bit of knowledge is usefull to help guide new members. We are here to help you learn. When you learn you are free to fly, join big corp, begin your brainded null sec drone life, whatever you feel is your calling, just remember us when you span your wings and fly from nest.

We are focused mostly on PvE - mission running, some indie stuff, mining, and if you ask nicely there is orca
We can help with fitting - not blink, not good, but will do and will be suitable for newbies
We can help with questions - by giving you answers on our own quite limited knowledge (still need to work out on exact functioning of LHC in cern)
We can show you basics of exploration, maybe some escalations
We are the legion… sorry, Shodan is interfering
We do NOT have cookies, thats just cheesy

So, either contact me ingame “nakopnuta koule” or just look in corps for us.

Quick BUMP and update:

  • buyback system up and running
  • we are slowly growing

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