Quitting Corporation - Industry jobs

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about leaving my Corporation but I’ve got a number of long queue research jobs going on just now. They’ve been good so far and although it’s just helping research their Corp blueprints, I’d hate for the job to be cancelled prematurely.

What happens to my Corporation research jobs that I’ve started using Corporation blueprints if I quit my Corporation?


Well, not sure if there was no response because people didn’t know or maybe I just didn’t wait long enough…

Aaaaanyway, for anyone else, apparently your Corporate researching jobs do not cancel, though I’m yet to find out from the CEO what happens afterwards when one completes.

Hello Burrich,

The industry jobs will not cancel upon you quieting to corp.
When they are ready to complete anybody wit the appropriate roles can complete the task.
the blueprints will return to the location where they where stored when you started to job.



Which, on the other hand, means that your former corp comrades can hold your blueprints hostage until you fork over the ransom. And given how valuable blueprints can be, the ransom could add up quite nicely.

Seems like the person quitting’s fault for not returning blueprints early or waiting until the job is completed :slight_smile: Usually Corp research jobs would belong to the Corp anyway though?

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