Quotes are being removed?

I quote the entire post, and my reply is being auto-edited to remove the quote.

This has been happening for a month or so now.

Is this a new feature?

Is this a stupid feature?

Is it responsible for me getting fat?

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this happens if you’ve quoted the entire post and if your post is right after the post you quoted. There wouldn’t really be a reason for you to quote in such a case.

There certainly is a reason - quoting the entire post establishes a record of what the person quoted said before they edited or removed their post.


Ok, if you just edit your post and re-quote the post above, it’ll stay there. Could also try quoting a post in 2 chunks, it’s a bit more of a faff though.


But if someone edited post and changed wording, the previous wording isnt so important anyway.


  1. Probably not exactly, but possibly generally possible, depending on other more detailed circumstance which, may not only change depending on other past, present or future circumstances, but also may change depending on the settings or limitations, or errors.

I usually monitor this, and fix it.

  1. I had this for over 2 to 3 months or 6 months. There are other peculiar cases.

  2. Maybe a new feature or problem. Nothing they cannot work with.

  3. It could be stupid depending on how stupid the computers are.

  4. If it is responsible for you getting fat, I agree to compensate you a certain amount. (Please, not too much ISK double.)

CCP desperately tries to hide the player’s dissatisfaction and does everything to manipulate the forum…

When they can not fix the game they try to fix the reality :rofl:

We can’t quote a post if it’s the one immediately above. But we can quote posts that are further back. (?)

We can.

We can quote both. But the system is not always stable since it’s more advanced than before.

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