Tip: Post edit history

Just as a PSA, Discourse keeps an edit history for posts. you can see prior versions of someone’s post if they edit or even delete it later. There is an initial “grace period” (defaults to 5 minutes, not sure if it’s been changed here), during which edits aren’t logged, and hard-deleting your own post is still possible (mods & admins can still see it, but normal users can’t). After the grace period is over, all your edits are logged, and deletion becomes soft-deletion, that is, it will hide but not completely remove your post.

You’ll see a “last edited” indicator in the upper right corner of a post if it’s been changed, and can compare the old and new, so you’ll know the difference between someone trying to clean up their grammar/fix inaccurate info and someone trying to save face.

Shitpost with care, and fly safely. :slightly_smiling_face: