New Word Association Game


Please delete this post topic.

You can delete your own posts. Select the three dots next to the edit button and hit the trash can.

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Says I can’t delete it.

You can only delete what you wrote, after 3 month the post will be lock

I was having fun…was hoping for a sequel.

Apparently, there is a way that you can’t delete your own post.
It’s when it’s being flagged by the community or some other reasons.
Also, it usually creates an information to let you and others know that the post will be deleted in the next 24 hours unless that it is flagged by the community (which may or may not happen after or before, or during the procedure).

Additionally, you may not be able to delete the first post of thread if you created the thread.
You may have to inform the staff about the problem, which, depending on what it is, and the conditions surrounding it, or in other words, the scope of conditions surrounding the request, may or may not be done.

For instance, you created a thread in a subforum, but it doesn’t show in the proper forum for some reasons.
You create another thread with the same subject or with a similar subject title in the proper thread, since it takes some time for the problem to be solved, and, when it will be done, you won’t be online, again for some reasons, if not the exact same reasons, which reasons are unwritten, and may not be written later either…

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