R/eve, zkill, local - all dead

CCP could create an ingame killboard if they wanted/needed to. And I wouldn’t have to be bugged about my adblock…

Yeah, for someone who swears he does it just for the fun… he sure loves to bitch about adblock.

Whats the new eve subreddit? Who’s got a new killboard?

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Ok. IF thats true so just felt into a troll trap, my apologize.


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Looking at the community’s butthurt response here, r/eve and ZKB may want to make their blackout permanent.

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You’re gaslighting, r/eve and ZKB are the ones who are butthurt.

I personally find it hilarious.

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Zkill is blacked out in support of the nullsec blackout. It’s fun, it’s temporary, enjoy.


That would make ganker’s lives easier. :slight_smile:

( We got told, quite bluntly, to remove automatic uploads of KMs to zkill)

It’s almost a version of Poe’s Law, except it’s for nullbears and having their peaceful nullbearing compromised.

It’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between this being a prank, and them actually pitching a hissy fit.


https://www.reddit.com/r/eveonline/ there’s this one still open looks like

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It sucks right now …

I agree and want to make my own point: Guy hosts zkill faithfully for years - participates in the ongoing event – guy deserves nothing but our ongoing thanks – take your hate some where else.


I was worried that something like a DDoS was happening, but if this is CCPs way of doing a real “Blackout”, I can only salute them all!!! That is BLOODY genius!!! xD


I will say that is absolutely sucks for those of us at work. Can’t see the mayhem on zkill or the trolling on Reddit.

I want to go home and join in Purge Day :frowning:

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Blackout! The best update!

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r/eve is back up, but zkill still down.

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Sweet now I can waste time at work with all the meme’s

Bad style close Zkillboard because Blackout :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Owner’s personal opinion hits the website :parrotdad::parrotmustache::loveparrot::ice_cream_parrot::hamburgerparrot::dealwithitparrot::aussiereversecongaparrot::aussieparrot::aussiecongaparrot::parrotwave1::thumbsupparrot::tripletsparrot::twinsparrot::upvotepartyparrot::psycsm:

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Best game improvement since jump gates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Obviously the zKill blackout is to support/protest/commemorate the NS blackout (and troll us in the process). It’s worth pointing out that other EVE KBs do exist. Good opportunity for us to help them double their visitor count from 3 to 6.