R/eve, zkill, local - all dead

r/EveJigglePhysics :dealwithitparrot:

Shutting down zkill was original and somehow useful. But who the hell cares about /r/Eve…


So zkill was planned and not some child throwing a hissy fit because their mom didn’t buy them that pokemon deck?

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And on the other hand, INN has a “how to survive without local” post.

It will also be interesting to see if the zkill blackout will affect hi sec movements and ganking.


You welcomed blackout, now you have it.

Why do you cry?


Hmm havent seen any tears for now… just a pathetic cry baby response by Krabs :laughing:


r/eve just got as lame as T_D by quarantining themselves lol

Something else will replace ZKILL.

I hope they never come back.

I’ve always kind of wondered by CCP doesn’t do their own thing. You know, aside from resources and letting others do it for you. But at least in that case, it can’t be used as a bludgeon when they decide to run their game.

Ok, to answer some of the idiots in here and the people with legit questions…

A Reddit post was created on r/eve asking the mods to shutdown r/eve for a day or a weekend to add to the immersion of the blackout. The mods hinted that they might and it looks like they went through with it.
In the same thread, someone pinged Squizz (Owner of zkill) and asked if he could do the same thing, his response seemed to be a yes.

So no, this isn’t anyone taking a hissy fit, it’s just people wanting to add to the blackout for a bit of fun from the community, and I’m all for community participation.


CCP could create an ingame killboard if they wanted/needed to. And I wouldn’t have to be bugged about my adblock…

Yeah, for someone who swears he does it just for the fun… he sure loves to bitch about adblock.

Whats the new eve subreddit? Who’s got a new killboard?

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Ok. IF thats true so just felt into a troll trap, my apologize.


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Looking at the community’s butthurt response here, r/eve and ZKB may want to make their blackout permanent.

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You’re gaslighting, r/eve and ZKB are the ones who are butthurt.

I personally find it hilarious.

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Zkill is blacked out in support of the nullsec blackout. It’s fun, it’s temporary, enjoy.


That would make ganker’s lives easier. :slight_smile:

( We got told, quite bluntly, to remove automatic uploads of KMs to zkill)

It’s almost a version of Poe’s Law, except it’s for nullbears and having their peaceful nullbearing compromised.

It’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between this being a prank, and them actually pitching a hissy fit.


https://www.reddit.com/r/eveonline/ there’s this one still open looks like

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