Raitaru market

I am working in singularity test sever and have set up Raitaru . I bought a Standup Market Hub, figured out that it would not work on a raitaru.:tired_face: but will work on the Sotiyo so I bought one of them and I cant move it I have no transport with a cargo hold big enough to load it

courier contract. Make sure you set collateral enough and give a good reward.

On the test server?

Oh. Oops. No. fail…missed that somehow.

I think an Orca would be sufficient to erect a Sotiyo. Else a freighter would do of course.

yes :rofl:

I tried the orca I had the same thoughts but still cargo was not big enough even with expand containers. have to look closer at freighter’s !! thanks

Sorry, my mistake. For market an Azbel is enough, which fits in an Orca!

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