Freeport Nullsec Sotiyo [EVE-MOGUL] (Supers Buildable)

EVE-Mogul staff has been hard at work securing a viable nullsec sotiyo for public use. This week we put the plan into action and sanctioned the onlining of the structure. With a security deal made with Pandemic Legion, it’s now fully operational in the M-OEE8 system.

We are currently working on getting our mineral stock levels to a sufficient level, and should have minerals seeded at near Jita prices over the next couple weeks. Being one Jump Freighter jump from Jita, getting materials there will be safer than moving them in highsec.

This sotiyo is fully fit, and has the supercapital building module. We are excited to be the first entity to allow freeport super production, as well as any other bonused null production.

Sotiyo Info
System: M-OEE8
Broker Fee: 1%
Industry Tax: 10%
Ongrid Public T2 Refinery Available
PushX Delivery Available

If you’re interested in learning more, or want to chat with us, please join our discord here:

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!


We now have aprox 70b in minerals listed locally, ready for production.

Is it rigged to build everything, ships, modules, comps? Does it invention and copy?

Can you list the rigs please?

It has all 3 manufacturing rigs. No lab rigs.

  • Standup Market Hub I
  • Standup Supercapital Shipyard I
  • Standup Manufacturing Plant I
  • Standup Invention Lab I
  • Standup Cloning Center I
  • Standup Reprocessing Facility I

Is the citadel still available?

It’s still online and operational, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Happy to announce that we just anchored a research azbel as well. Rigged/null bonused copying/invention/research is now available.

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Still have the problem to see the installations from outside the system … submitted a ticket, but no valid response yet.

Is it possible to get blue from PL as a solo player?

No, but you’re safe within tether range. Use a JF or interceptor to get there.

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