Random Events

Hi! Some thoughts about how to add more drama to the game (The Blackout was IMHO the best thing happened in EVE since long time). Basically it’s just direction with no details, no analysis on game balance, counter effects etc.

  1. One can set range of global “good” and “bad” events (even storyline and hyper dramatical) with respective probability. Probability might be affected by players “statistics” (dunno: NPC kills, ore mined, capsule killed, titans produced, structures deployed — any reasonable and logical). Events should have drastic effect on the gameplay for the limited time or permanent effect. Some people who work in sociology (or mathematics) field can be invited to implement this probabilistic model with various factors (it should work like prognosis of events in their field of research). I believe it can be intresting to study some things or to test some theories on the EVE society as a model.
    Main goal is to allow players to experience great happiness or great saddness knowing that it’s not an unavoidable devs’ plot but events caused directly or inderectly by them (with action or inaction).
  2. One can set minor limited time events (like in many oldschool games) with increase or decrease of various parameters in different regions/constellations/systems like wormhole effects or production/mining/NPC effects. It also good to have “sci-fi” or lore background for the events. The main goal is to cause some stir and activity with the limited effect on the game balance.

My apologies if this topic has been already introduced by someone.

Personally, I think this idea has some merit. But, I also know that there are a lot of players who hate unpredictability and uncertainty, and get mad when CCP does things that screw with their ability to keep on doing business as usual.

Also, I don’t know what’s the original source for this, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Matterall mention that the devs were thinking about implementing some sort of space weather system.

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Being ganked is a random event…

Took words corpse right out of my mouth pod.

Here’s the other thing: EVE isn’t Runescape. It would be kind of dumb to have Genies spring up on you while mining and if you don’t interact with them then they teleport you somewhere else as an anti-botting mechanism or some BS like that. Other than rats and players dropping on you, there’s really no lore-appropriate “random events” that could happen.

Solar flares. Space time disturbances. Gate malfunction. Gate reset (They are meant to do that now and then). There’s a start of a list.

These are lore appropriate and realistic, but they are arguably impractical, uninteresting, unfun, problematic, merely introducing a new element of gameplay that does not enhance the game but hampers the existing experience.

Nice goalposts movement.
However, can you not see the benefit to the game of changing conditions in environment which smart players might be able to use to their advantage with regards to battlefields.
Right now we always fight on wide open level plains… other than wHs anyway.
This has the potential to introduce woods and streams to mix it up.

I wasn’t outright dismissing your ideas. The key word was arguably (note the italics).

I think CCP has been wise in considering:

  • Semi-Random: Making changes that encourage player conflict and bloodshed (resist nerfs + T2 short range ammo buff, upcoming dynamic resource distribution, etc)
  • Semi-Random: System-wide effects of Incursions, Invasions, Sov, WHs, FW control
  • Random: Introducing and increasing the presence of PVP-level rats, especially in hisec and in belts
  • Random: Potentially reintroducing communications blackout in some form or other in the future
  • Likely Upcoming Random Feature: Temporarily converting hisec systems into lowsec per hoboleaks

These kinds of things aren’t as radical as gate malfunctions/resets for NPC gates that could severely impede the game, though they already apply to player gates and cynos (which can be seen as temporary and interruptible gates). As for solar flares and space-time disturbances, there’s a lot of ways they could be implemented, so really it depends on specifically what you had in mind.

So yeah, there’s definitely room for more random events and mechanics that randomize environmental or player behavior, I’m just saying the ideas have to be tempered. No RuneScape genies :wink:

From todays news: “These choices will have a direct impact on how the story develops, and will have lasting consequences in New Eden, ensuring that life in the cluster will never be the same again!”
Wow! Thanks CCP for such fast reaction :slight_smile: Or it’s just me was bit late…

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