Adding Cosmic Events In Wormholes

how cool would it be to have cosmic events, where in wormholes there is periodic timed event where the worm space where the stars goes supernova, and during this event there is a 30 minute timer,

and during this timer shockwaves damages anything in the wormhole every 2 minutes until it is destroyed doing high volume damage to structures, sleepers, even damages moons that can be mined out as moons gradually gets fragmented into minable fragments, even damages or one shots player ships,

then maybe add a salvage probe that finds wrecks of npcs, structures, player ships that can be looted, during this timed event all wrecks are invulnerable until it is looted and salvaged,

as the timer gets close to 0, sleepers starts being more and more active attacking anything it comes across, in bigger, bigger numbers and waves, then once the timer reaches 0 everything in the wormhole space gets destroyed, structures, npcs, wrecks, players, and pods

Then no one would ever place a station or set up shop in any wormhole…

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kinda the point

Please post the lossmail that made you come up with this…

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salty are we?

Just because you can’t hack it in a wormhole, you want everyone else removed as well, even NPC’s. It must have been quite a loss…

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dude, WHs are supposed to be dynamic, not some null seccerr’s home throwing up 100 citadels, this is a legit interesting content idea to keep nwormholes from being overly controlled and crowded

notice how i said periodic events, meaning, wouldn’t happen every day, it would be completely random and only last 30 minutes

Nothing in EVE is overly controlled or crowded. There are 7800 systems and 20k players. That’s not even 3 players per system…

Stay out of the wormholes that have a high sec connection. That would be C1-C3. Those are low hanging fruit for explorer hunters…

guess you don’t play the game then

Nope, I’ve only been playing for 17 years. I might see 2 or 3 other players per day where I live…

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no one cares

Asset safety doesn’t exist in a wormhole. People with friends like to set up structures, and having it so every bit of your assets is destroyed with only 30 minute warning (not even enough time to unanchor and scoop) is not a good plan. Some dynamicness in wormholes is great, but erasing progress in a way that’s completely unmitigatable is not.

Only concurrently, there are many more than that total.

Please turn down the salt, excess sodium is bad for your kidneys.

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