New Minor Structure For Worm Hole Space

How about a anchorable buoy that can be deployed within 10km of a wormhole that can be chained with other buoys dropped by the same player, corp, alliance, etc along a wormhole chain that allows the player, corp, alliance to link their clones to known space so wh players can clone jump to and from known space via the chain.

Would allow wh corps a means to make logistics more effective but also act as a trail of bread crumbs leading back to their home system if deployed.

Give the buoys a 6hr lifespan, can be destroyed and are in the same vein as mobile depots / mobile tractor units

how about no… logistics is supposed to be hard in WH. that’s the point

I don’t understand the point.

If you have to jump to every wormhole in the chain to place the bouy’s, just bring the character through the chain…

I would like to see a mini structure BUT for ninja moon mining that I WAS able to do with small pos and harvester. dont see a point for WH.

We still do this in wh space. Just like before 1-2 months at a time.

mini structure that don’t need 24hr to erect and 7days to decommission

Mini structure could be limited moon ore as in very small ore field 2 dock at a time limited cargo space restricted ship class there could be a whole range of benefits and restriction but still allow for ninja activities, WHICH used to be available with small pos

I just believe ccp blanket approached the whole structure nerf yes I call it a nerf. Citadels are good but as usual ccp did a half assed introduction when they could have made them great.


There should be an FOB structure that can be assembled and torn down fast. That still needs to be added. But moon mining should require time investment.

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