Wandering Sansha Freeports in Wormholes

Player dockable NPC structures designed to fill nomadic emergent collaboration niche.

Structure features:
-Structure jumps to a random part of wormhole space every 8 hours (any class, including shattered systems). Anyone docked inside goes along for the ride.
-Two reinforcements times (shield and structure). This places structure bash in different part of space after each random jump cycle.
-Attacking structure spawns NPC defense fleet. If you hold good standing with Sansha they will supply repair in structure defense.
-Docking/tethering is open to anyone.
-Capitals may dock
-No asset safety
-Accepts jump clone swapping, yet medical clone/home station cannot be activated. Jump clone installation fee paid to Sansha.
-Structure has market where NPC broker taxes go to Sansha.
-There is no industry, processing, or invention service modules. This places greater reliance on logistics to keep wandering station supplied.
-Structure Dscan immunity. Combat probes can be used to discover structure.

Why would Sansha build these?:
-Sansha collect fees from jump clone installation and market transactions.
-This outreach encourages capsuleers to build standing in order to gain benefits from NPC Sansha defense fleet.
-NPC defense forces will also attempt to salvage and loot player containers on grid when structure is destroyed.
-9 active NPC facilities at any one time. If one structure is destroyed there is a cooldown on when a new structure is placed into circulation by Sansha forces.

-1 don’t see the role need

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Combat probes or core probes to find?
Sanshas Nation standing requirements possible?
Able to jump to different wormholes or limited to the hole they spawn in?
Possible to be present in shattered systems?
I assume they will be comparable to at least a fortizar in HP and defenses since they allow capital docking or did you have something else in mind?
Any other services along with the clone bay?

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Encourages wormhole farming, surprise incursion, and capital projection (trade/transfer) at all class level of wormholes during the 8 hour window.

However, this projection of wormhole power blob blocs are constrained by the guiding RNG hand of Bob inside a weak structure that can be attacked by anyone potentially spawning a juicy loot pinata.

-Yes, with Dscan immunity these structures can still be discovered by combat probes.

-Yes, standings are something that could be looked at however I would prefer to limit barriers that limit anyone from hopping on the wormhole bus.

-I would like to see these structures hop into various class wormholes to encourage players to risk placing capitals on the ‘bus’ for incursions into low class holes (death to pos sticks!) when Bob’s RNG jump permits.

-Yes, they can appear in shattered systems.

-Not set on structure HP, however i would err more toward lower structure HP as the NPC stations would spawn NPC defense/logi fleets when attacked (this force is addition to player defense forces; if you have good standing with Sansha they could repair/apply boosts to you).

-Rather only maintain a clone service and possibly a market (with NPC broker taxes going to Sansha). No to industry, reprocessing, and invention. Pushes greater emphasis on logistics to restock structure during 8 hour wondow.

This is what’s going to kill the suggestion. There’s a reason why capitals cannot carry piloted ships, and clone bays on rorqs/titans only carry “cold” clones.

It’s a /moveme command for the structure and anyone docked inside. The architecture already exists. If we’re concerned about the server, a docking restriction could be placed 10 minutes before the structure moves.

It exists for ships. Not structures. If you’re asking for a mobile structure, it’s not going to happen any more quickly than once per day at downtime.

Okay, if we limit it per downtime what are your thoughts on the remainder of the proposal?

This alone makes it a bad idea.

This is wormhole capital projection without the ability to readily pick destination or mitigate chicanery from a 3rd party that occupies the wandering structure with you.

Risk versus reward is mighty strong.

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