I request an Event with sites spawning in deep space. Thank you

I don’t care who it caters to.
Not all events are for everyone.

If the deep space triglavian site bug has shown one thing,
then it’s that people are actually interested in this.

Reaching beyond the initial playfulness makes sense. There are people who don’t mind long travel times, or actually like them. Long travel times give a sense of space actually being big. The vast majority of systems feel small. It probably should be accompanied by a slightly more interesting warp tunnel, or environment during warp, but what the hell as long as it works.

In the end, I believe that as long as you, CCP, prevent people from making bookmarks or structures further out, this event should give you some interesting data in regards to player behaviour. Lock it down appropriately and let us have a week of this.

You could have all kinds of different sites, with different concepts, too. Some sites which require one player, some sites which require multiple players, some sites which are more geared towards PvPers. I don’t know, just throwing it out there.

Thank you.

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Rainbow colored pigs with wings appearing and disappearing all around you while passing through a triangular warp tunnel and at the end of the trip a giant falcon swallowing your ship? Clearly entering the rabbit hole or in this case the falcon hole. :wink:

Pink Floyd Animals?

Sounds like we took the same… party favors… too :rofl: :crazy_face:


If you spent as much time writing something sensible …
… as you waste talking to all the nutjobs …
… we might actually have a better game.

MEH - I post to chill and make a little fun of the stupid in the world that’s all man the day I take this crap serious its time to find something new to do.

Most in forums don’t even still play eve so meh again

I generally appreciate your posts,
but it didn’t even fit the topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah late alcohol + lack of energy to care to be honest lol

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plus it was in reply to what Uriel the Flame typed about Pigs Rainbows and wings so :stuck_out_tongue:

That is my RL work, CCP can look me up and make me an offer, except I don’t fly, I don’t relocate and I don’t commute either!

Not sure what it costs to bring an interviewee to Iceland via Amtrak and Cruise Ship but they would need to pay for that too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You guys. I’m trying to do some serious work here.


I think I’ve lost my keys around here somewhere. :confused:

Maybe a pig ate your key :pig:

That could indeed be the case!
Where did that pig come from, though?

Maybe from the giant falcon’s mouth :lips:

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Too soon, mate.

A bald eagle then? :smiling_imp:

Maybe a sparrow.

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