Random Violence is recruiting 0.0 pilots and corperations

o/ Hello there,

We from Random Violence are recruiting new members and corperations. For years we have been enjoying this game in many aspects. Now a new chapter hase been started and we are trying to build a place for ourselfs from where we can do our thing… now this thing…

  • Small scale PVP

  • Blobs ( yes you SB pilots can join to )

  • Capital stuff

  • Wormhole fleets ( we do run daytrips when we feel like it)

  • We have a original FC Clown, see for yourselfs

  • Indy where we want it or need it ( when Wolfs here its full retard)

  • Mining We are verry proud we have a senior US cityzen(74) as one of our miners !!

  • Production The warmachine needs to be feeded!!

0.0 SOV space, with non/low drama

Most important for us to build friendships, cause those are the strongest ships in this spacepixle game.
We are at the beginning of this new adventure, with full conidence, new friends and new story`s.

Iff your looking or a place to go and have fun, if your a pvper, if your a pveer with teeth to bite when needed, if your a miner with teeth or a corp and not wanne get stuck in eighter rent or PAPS feel free to have a chat with us.

Ingame: Random Violence Recruitment



Up to the top!!

Up again, got a few new members, we are lloking for way more. iners with teeth are welcome also

And back to the top!! still looking for more corps and pilots to come join us in nullsec. no rent no paps just fun

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