Random Violence Project 0.0 - PVP [SLYCE]

Random Violence is on the lookout for pilots who share our passion for controlled chaos. Whether you are an experienced veteran or a fresh-faced recruit, if you have a thirst for adventure and a love for unpredictability, we want you. Join us and become a catalyst for change in the universe of EVE Online. Founded on the principle that chaos breeds opportunity, we are a dynamic group of pilots who excel in the art of unpredictability. Whether it’s disrupting trade routes, engaging in guerrilla warfare, or executing lightning-fast hit-and-run tactics.

We are part of SLYCE and our home is in the DroneLands (Etherium Reach) and part of PANFAM.

Join me in a new adventure in New Eden, requirements are simple: PVP, PVP and PVP. Join me and I will give you killmarks and targets almost everyday! (EU TZ :eu: ). We provide a stress-free environment and laidback ops.

Drop me a line in-game on Mira Moonchild if you are interested or you want to know more!



This man is a pure pvp joy… 100% recommend the corp and the vision! Mira is a “non random” violence provider!!! :slight_smile:

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Mira is a top man :slight_smile:

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Mira is legit, 10/10.
In Rust We Trust <3

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Great pilot, great fc. Scouting for his fleets is a joy and i hope to get more chances to do it!

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Did you mean “Uncontrolled” chaos?

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Thanks! Always good to have you onboard!

Awesome guy to fly with, kept me alive a lot me times than he’s whelped me :smiley:
I’ve no doubt he will be just as awesome as a CEO as an FC and content provider/creator.

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I Vouch for Mira 24/7 Great Fc Much respect <3

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Mira is Balls Deep 1 of the best content creator in the game atm

miss you Brother …
no Hommo

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Thanks! 07

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