Ranger Regiment open for Mercenary Service

Ranger Regiment. We are now open for Mercenary Service. We are now can form about 200 sub-fleet and over 100 caps in our main timezone .

We are now offering the following services within Nullsec, Lowsec ,Highsec and Wormhole.
1.Batphone on the battle
2.Harassment and roam on the certain area
3.Defence or removal of structures
4.Attack or defense sov.

If you are interst of us ,pls add my discord account Drone Wang#6872 or mail character ‘Drone Wang’ in game .


Is this a meme?

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oh god they’ve developed PVP bots now…

hahaha, yeah~!!!

yes ,(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

Kb padding required, lol.

QQ me

How much cost rr docking with snuff in region?

I am interested in hiring your services.

I am looking for a group to defend RR space from approximately 200 people in your prime timezone.

How much would this cost? Please contact me asap, very interested in your premium service

Will you all fight against Daddy Noraus if paid ISK or are you all too far down on his botting wang to not?
What parts of High Sec do you all have a base in? Can you do structure removal in the Derelik area against groups such as Pandemic Horde, Purple Helmeted Warriors, Honorable Third Party, and The Rogue Consortium?