Rare Asteroid Anomolies

Greetings all!

so i have been trying to wrap my head around the newer rare asteroid belts, so i know they spawn in A0 blue star systems, there are 3 such systems where i am located, i have NEVER seen one of these belts spawn, i know they show up as beacons with the belt symbols, i know they are in the tracker system but ive yet to see one.

does anyone know how often these spawn? i cant find any information on this at all anywhere?

appreciate any help


Flash o7

It’s not just any A0 blue star systems. You need to go to an A0 blue star system that is either:

  • A 0.5 security status system next to lowsec, or
  • A nullsec system next to lowsec

This is secondhand knowledge, I have not personally confirmed.

ah ok thanks, so its going to be extremely limited then.

cheers for info, it seems a bit sparse to find all relevant info in one place been trying to piece it all together haha

They also only contain one rock of each type…they tend to get mined out rather quickly.

i spent the last few days mining at these sites. the high sec sites get gobbled up very quick. usually within 10-20 minutes.

Looks like low sec systems get nothing

I wouldn’t mind them not lasting long as long as there was available information on where to find them. With ice belts you can look them up on the agency. With empire belts, trying by the agency will get you all sorts of other asteroid anomalies.

Is there anyway to find these sites besides warping to each star in 0.5 to check for blue?

Does it seem to be related to industrial grade?5?

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