Raspberry Pi's, who's got 'em, and what do they do?

I’ve got one (somewhat ironically) sitting on top of a powered-off server. It runs PiHole for DNS filtering (adblock) and handles DHCP.


Just got a Pi3B+ and will be using it for a YouTube, word processing and maybe with a projector later. Think about getting another in the future for home use to use instead of my main (loud) PC for simple stuff. Also maybe as a media station in the kitchen for music and net-radio…

Really impressed so far…

I want to make a plotter in the future but I’m thinking Arduino(?) is better for that…still looking into that though…

I have the same model, and I have to warn that you might need an active cooling solution if you’re going to use it like a mini desktop. Mine sits at a steady 57C, in an aluminum case. One time it slipped and fell into the snake pit under the desk and it shot up to 65C pretty quick.

Yes I already noticed the throttling issue…Going to get a small fan for it. Thanks for the tip though.

Still will be way quieter than my 4-fan monster now…FFS what a difference…

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I’ve got quite a few, currently goofing around project is setting 6 of them up in a docker swarm to create a small NAS out of.


Pihole, weewx/meteotemplate weather station interface, pwnagotchi

I got one as my home cinema with Libreelec (Kodi) and one is my own bank with Raspiblitz (full Bitcoin + Lightning node)

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How do you like that set-up? I might do something like that in the future myself…

Libreelec is super simple and low maintenance. It just works. Kodi is an awesome frontend if you have a catalog of media you want to consume from like any storage backend you can imagine. So far they did not manage to integrate the Steam link app though and the retro pi frontend is a bit rough, so it really depends on if you also want it for gaming or just as a pure media center.

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Thanks! I’ll look into that then as I’m going need something in a month or two…


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I don’t have a raspberry pi but I do have a panda board. I installed Linux on it and it controls security cameras.

One for PiHole DNS filtering and one as a server for a live radio feed and controller for my radio scanner that scans police, fire, marine VHF and air band frequencies.

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Got a Pi 3B+ currently running Hassio, Node Red, MQTT broker and PiHole in docker containers.

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