Rate the avatar above you

(Sebat Hadah) #101

A suave and sexy Latino 10/10.

(Big Lynx) #102

Reminds me of stallone in The Expandables… vOv. Straight 8/10 for rebellious look

(Isabella Loja) #103

A little bit creepy. But perhaps it’s just from insecurity? Who knows?

(Lenneth Invicta) #104

Typical “Blade Runner wannabe girl” but done fairly well.


(WhyYouHeffToBeMad IsOnlyGame) #105

7/10 warrior girl.

5 points off from CCP for broken hair physics.

(Lunar K'Rnlav) #106

Damn gurl~~~ :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

(Dom Arkaral) #107


you look like that one innocent chick that turns out to be a total nightmare :smiley:

(Sebat Hadah) #108

Dark and intimidating. however lacking substance

(Azra Aihaken) #109

8/10 Awe,I think that I would not open the door if I spot your goggles through a peephole, that’s for sure :scream_cat:

(Sebat Hadah) #110

I changed my portrait. Dont know how long,it should take to see my changes.

Also you look like a fashionable killer.

(Abaris Fagimasad) #111

I don’t know if this is the new or old portrait I’m seeing, but you seem to have stepped up way too close to the camera. I’d be happy to offer my professional photography services at a nominal fee of only 1 million ISK.

Edit: I have redacted two to your score for your crude behavior.

Grand Total: 4 out of 10 Macro Lenses

Additionally, I’m seeing some people like yourself and @Dom_Arkaral uploading high-resolution versions of their profile pictures, however even when I try to take it straight from the source it only shows up at a lower resolution, like so:


What do I do to get the maximum resolution?

(Dom Arkaral) #112

go ingame,
click on that portrait of yours so it becomes bigger.
then right-click and “capture portrait”

by default it should end up in C:\Users\User\Documents\EVE\capture\Portraits

(Abaris Fagimasad) #113

Thank you!

And in the spirit of maintaining the forum theme, I will rate your avatar as well. :grinning:

Clearly menacing intrigue is as much the mood of your profile picture as shadows are the mise en scène. Asymmetry and low key lighting are strong stylistic choices for that goal which seem to have succeeded, and in particular I find your choice of background to be perfectly evocative of morbid curiosity, even if the overall style could be generously described as “a bit cheesy.”

Grand Total: 8 out of 10 Broken Set Bulbs

(Sebat Hadah) #114

No easy way to say it. You are ugly. Are you amarrian? I will pay you to make yourself pretty. Name your price.

Sorry but…3/10.

(Abaris Fagimasad) #115

Unfortunately, there is not enough ISK in New Eden that would be worth the psychological toll of stooping so low as to meet eye to eye with such a small and crude man as yourself. I’d rather jump headfirst into the slobbering maw of a starved Slaver than consider appealing to your blighted tastes. I have redacted two Macro Lenses from your score for crude, un-chivalrous behavior.

(Sebat Hadah) #116

Its ok. I accept your judgement. I was outcasted from the Khanid Kingdom and amarr empire years ago. Ironically… For being chivalrous. The empires double standards are a point of humor for me.

(Dark Magni) #117

7/10 probably a ninja, probably a master of deception - but only effective against the uninitiated.

(Sebat Hadah) #118

im sexy and i know it.

(Lenneth Invicta) #119

Khanid. I am Khanid. Do you love slaves as much as I do?


(Sebat Hadah) #120

Yes I do. I freaking love slaves. I keep getting new ones.

Also love the color of hair, eyes, and skin.