Rats are too easy in this game

Hi All,

has anyone here noticed that the rats are way too easy in 0.0 space? and that Nyx’s are now being used by bot miners/macro miners to make real life money out of the game?

I would like to suggest that you make it much harder to do that, by introducing bigger rats every time a big ship comes in (e.g. Nyx or Thanatos), as I never found anything in a belt that my Thanatos couldn’t kill let alone a Nyx. I could even manage it with a Dominix just fine.

Like for example, bring in a fleet of smaller ships that can blow up the Nyx’s fighters, and ideally some dreadnoughts so that they can blow it up, IF the Nyx is solo and has no support. Or even a bunch of Battleships/carriers/HAC’s.



P.S. This is one of my younger characters, I am the real-life owner of AVON257, AVON259, this one, and Nathan_Raynor2. So yes, I know how this game works, and I am currently trying to leave, but I just wanted to post this before I do so that you could try to fix it.


It would not work. Any scripted enemy is going to be solved either by changing fittings or by bringing multiple bot ships, working together.

Besides, the CSM is the group that advises CCP - and the CSM is made up of nullsec blocs that love the easy-money null sec rats. Why do you think the bounties are so high?


Would just result in people figuring out how to cheese and farm the increased response by NPCs for even more isk and loots.

You don’t need “bigger” rats - just program the rats we have to go after fighters. Also get rid of the bounties and replace them with an equivalent to “blue loot” that needs to be looted and sold to NPC’s for ISK. Doesn’t solve the problem but adds risk.


Huh…it’s almost like there’s more to EvE than farming rats or something…

Also - why are you talking about carrier farming in New Citizen’s Q&A?

Skill Injectors were a mistake.


Belt rats? A flight of T1 light scout drones can kill belt rats.

I’m okay with drive by titans that jump in, DD really quickly, then jump away. Their DD is a modified version that basically instakills everything that isnt a buffered titan.

Saying that the new mode will be solved so why bother is a bit defeatist OR someone wishing the status quo to continue.

a dynamic space is less bot tolerant and if the programmers solve it? fine.


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A nullsec blackout would help.


^ This. Take local away again and let PvP solve the problem. PvE is never going to be challenging, the only risk comes from other players trying to kill you while you PvE.


The real pity here is that the PvE players haven’t learned the joy of being bait for an ambush. PvE is what you should be doing while you wait, to make it convincing. Maybe even make some isk.

I don’t really understand your complaint. You are talking about ‘endgame ships.’ The only thing above a Nyx or Thanatos is a Titan of some sort. You are saying these endgame ships destroy rats too easily? Do you want them to destroy rats with difficulty? Or… you want the rats to be able to destroy these endgame ships easily? Also, how are pilots supposed to make ratting income?

Then go to w-space and fight drifters and sleepers and tell us how “easy” those are.

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He’s not talking about J space, he’s talking about Null. And he’s right. The solution however is more difficult.

There is no solution for greed and sloth.

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Good riddance.

Belt rats in a carrier, then tells us its to easy. Try a tristan and then get back to us.

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He was also saying:

“Hey I have sooper dooper with 3899823562093856938456923845629864234857 dps and NPC explode in 1 second -CCP make hard.”

He should try a forsaken hub in a t1 battleship and then come back to us with his tales of the twilight world.