How would null feel if

The rats in null (well everywhere) acted like the trig invasion rats (just slightly toned down)?

rats actiuvely warping around in groups rather than 2-3 ships and maybe actually drop better modules than scrap. doubt bots would respond to them because its just more rats than actual players

just curious

We have already seen what happens when risk is increased in null to try and close the gap with the massive rewards.

Last thing we need is more whining.


true, but that was specifcally aimed at structures, in this case its more just increased NPC activity throughout the systems. doesnt mean they have to attack the structures at least not extremely active about it.

Yes please. We need more lazy, non-effort clowns whining about how they suddenly can’t hack it in null. That means there’s less krabbers and idiots and relatively more good pilots there. As it should be.


You being one of the idiots, surely.

You sound like an angry krabber.

Rats need complex behavior.
That can not be reacted to by input automation.


And can’t be semi-AFKed.


Oh the whining would be glorious.

Rats were implemented before capitals were even a thing. Rats have never been properly balanced for capitals, the same way level 4 missions were never balanced for tech3’s and Marauders. This part of the reason for the massive increase in inflation we’ve seen as players learn how to “blitz” or “AFK-farm”.

Rats should be more intelligent. Tackle frigates/cruisers should continually spawn. Not at an oppressive rate, but at a rate that makes running sites dangerous. Rats should also warp around - again, not oppressively, but enough so that losing your ship if you’re not actively engaged with the content is a very real possibility. Rats should also have drones on high kill priority.

NullSec has become slovenly, fat, lazy, and entitled. This problem started around 2012-2013. It’s been getting worse (in a non-linear fashion) since then (becoming exponential in the past 1-2 years). It’s time to shake it up, make it dangerous, nerf intel, nerf AFK farming, nerf timer tanking, nerf asset safety. Stuff needs to get blown up and players need to have increased cortisol levels when playing in Null.


rats in general need better AI especially since the past few years. the trigs and drifters are the right direction of where they should be just as long as they aren’t cranked to 11 the whole time besides higher skill activities

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tbh, i don’t think this would generate too much angst as long as they don’t start trying to kill structures.

i mean, the reason null is stagnant… what is there to fight for? nothing. nothing except perhaps to alleviate boredom.

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Exactly. Grind a structure, wait out those horrible timers, and what? You get a little bump on your KB. But all your target’s stuff is safely whisked away somewhere else.

Someone grinding your structure? Who cares. Barely a blip on the killboard. Your stuff is safe.

Remove all that crap.

i mean, it’s relative feature-parity with outposts in that regard. perhaps remove asset safety from small structures. and they gotta pay 20% value too

I’d love to see a reduction in the anoms, and an increase in wandering patrols. It doesn’t make sense that the enemies are just sitting out there waiting for someone to come kill them. Sure, they can have bases and stuff out there. But they know we’re coming to kill them, so why wouldn’t they be patrolling for us first?

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I live in NPC Null and I love to rat, tougher rats are always welcome.
See there are two sides to null sec…

  • One side lives in sov space and all the ship names are in Chinese, mindless insects for the most part. Eliminating local meant nothing to them since they just post a limitless number of disposable scouts.
  • The other side are the small groups of folks like myself that literally hate living amongst the unwashed masses of Exploiting Vitriolic Entitled (acrm for eve) that inhabit low and high sec. The elimination of local to us is really a non-issue because we are always on high alert anyway, however allowing statistics in the map to continue to show is unbalanced.
    Sadly every friend I’ve ever made in EVE began with a conversation in local, now its as if everyone is in hiding, sad really.
    Tougher rats, bring them on I say.
    I’ve always held those who assume everyone in null sec lives under some sort of protective umbrella in disdain, clueless blowhards at best. IMHO the blackout should have been restricted to sov space, but if we use the word blackout to often in this thread the forum overlords will merge it into oblivion.

There I fixed it for you.

instead of making rats target drones as soon as they are deployed and killing a whole combat line, make them work like a gun. you want them to attack something they only attack what you shoot.

ive designed all of my ships to work without drones because as soon as i deploy them every frigate on the field drops lock to go after the drone, i will admit it is handy for getting webs and scrams off of you though

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