Ratting enemies

Hey i just have a question about loot in ratting how do i know what to loot because i know i dont have to bother with the common stuff but is there a list where i can see what is technically common because ive seen certain names that look like its normal but they give great rewards
So basically how do i know whats worth looting

By checking the items’ individual ingame price estimates. By looting things and checking the prices for them with sites like evepraisal.com and remembering the high price items. By looting anything and then using the inventory filters with a custom filter for high price items. You can setup a filter to only show items with a higher/equal than price that you can set individually. The filter uses the ingame estimation, which means it is not very accurate but you get a sense of what is really valuable if you set the filter to something like 100,000 or 200,000 ISK.

Basically just loot faction spawns. They have special naming conventions found here under the “Commander” column:


They tend to have higher bounties too. They’re hard to miss. When exploring be sure to look up a guide. The guide will tell you what to loot.

thanks a ton thats exactly what i was looking for

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No probs man!

Hey if you dont mind helping me with one more thing im trying to use vni but my drones skills are too terrible i get 120 dps with it and i cant upgrade them rn do you think i should go for a gila for ded sites and ratting im no where near being able to afford one because i just lost all of my money because i lost connection because i left my ship not knowing that’s a thing lost connection and got back on my ship was gone lucky atleasst i can use the gila effectively for the distant future day i can afford it and would you recommend any fits for it or should i just not go for it

The Gila is pretty ubiquitous right now, and for good reason. If you want a ship that can do the widest variety of stuff its the gila.

Do you have decent missile, shield and caldari cruiser skills? If not I’d stick with the VNI until you improve those skills in addition to your drone skills. It’s also quite a bit more expensive than the VNI. It’s worth training for though. You can do so much with it.

i have great caldari/ missile/shield skills

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