Rattlesnake fit for PVE

Looking for some feedback on my Rattlesnake fit. I normally run L4 missions in high sec space. I’ve tried out cruise vs rapid heavies, and like the heavies better. I have good enough range, and seem to have better clear times vs cruise. Both skills are at level 4 right now, with Heavy 5 training as I type this.
The tank may be overkill, and I’ve never needed the MJD, it’s just there as a safety net. Anything else I should fit?
Also, question about Target Painter vs Missile Guidance CPU. Which is better for Heavy missiles should I decide to use one?
I’m slowly upgrading, and mostly just put the best parts on this that I had. Any obvious upgrades I should get asap?

Simulation shows 1060 DPS with this fit (Garde active):

 [Rattlesnake, Snakeeyes]
Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Republic Fleet Ballistic Control System
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II

Gist A-Type Large Shield Booster
Dread Guristas Shield Boost Amplifier
Republic Fleet Shield Boost Amplifier
Omnidirectional Tracking Link II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Large Micro Jump Drive

'Arbalest' Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I
'Arbalest' Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I
'Arbalest' Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I
'Arbalest' Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I
'Arbalest' Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I
Drone Link Augmentor II

Large Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard II
Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer II
Large Semiconductor Memory Cell II

Hornet II x5
Garde I x2
Hobgoblin II x3
Republic Fleet Berserker x2
Hobgoblin I x2
Warrior II x5

Inferno Heavy Missile x2100
Scourge Heavy Missile x2120
Missile Range Script x2
Missile Precision Script x2
Optimal Range Script x1
Relic Analyzer I x1
Thermal Shield Hardener II x1
EM Shield Hardener II x1
Missile Guidance Computer II x1
Data Analyzer I x1

Why on Caldari Prime does your Dread Guristas ship have small drones in the bay?

Take a close look at the ‘Traits’ tab again.


Maybe you should look at the entire build?

The drones are a bit borked, tbh, 1 set of lights will do fine if you use the sentries to blap the frigates while they burn to you.

All depends on how awake you are at the keyboard and how much ISK you’re willing to sink into this thing but the snake can easily break 1500 dps on paper with RHMLs and a Gecko.

MJD and Rapid heavies aren’t a great idea for level 4s. Get one of those lovely Deadspace MWDs that dont murder your cap in there instead tbh, will help you much more, especially when moving from gate to gate in the longer missions.

Rigs look like a bit of a mess, 2 T2 CCCs and a t1 resist rig OR some nice missile rigs would be better IMO.

I run an X-L booster on mine, the Gist X-Ls can be made stable if thats something that’s important to you…

I haven’t spent ISK on gecko yet, and mostly just pack what I need for the mission space I’m in. Garde, berserker, and some random lights work fine for now.
I’ve been on the hunt for a good MWD, but they seem rare. I find a lot of abyssal, but not the deadspace I’m looking for. MJD is just there for safety until I find something better. Though, I can tank every lv 4 mission I get, so I really should put something there for utility.
The rigs are the biggest issue I guess. I got the hull really cheap on contract with these rigs already installed. I’ve not found great reason to change them, though I know they are not optimal. The options you suggested would be my first choice. Maybe I’ll put something new in after I get the MWD.
Cap stable isn’t of great importance to me, but it’s handy if I fall asleep at the keyboard I guess. The large does nicely so far, but I’m always happy to have better tank.
Thanks for the input!

Oh, running T2 RHML now :slight_smile:

Awesome, Experiment a bit with the t2 ammo, if you use them at the right times you can get a lot of extra mileage out of the RHMLs.

Thanks! I’m actually finishing up skills to make T2 now :slight_smile:

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