Need help with Guristas Sanctums


(Neo Detonation) #1

I just purchased a Rattlesnake and I’m running Sanctums and Rock Havens pretty easily in it. Here’s the fit:

[Rattlesnake, Anom Fit]

Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Missile Guidance Computer II, Missile Range Script
Gist X-Type Kinetic Deflection Field
Kinetic Deflection Field I
Large Clarity Ward Booster I
Missile Guidance Computer II, Missile Range Script
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

‘Arbalest’ Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I, Scourge Heavy Missile
‘Arbalest’ Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I, Scourge Heavy Missile
‘Arbalest’ Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I, Scourge Heavy Missile
‘Arbalest’ Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I, Scourge Heavy Missile
‘Arbalest’ Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I, Scourge Heavy Missile
Drone Link Augmentor I

Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

Caldari Navy Wasp x2
Caldari Navy Wasp x4
Hornet I x5

It works perfect and I easily get over 1000 dps with good tank. The fit isn’t the issue, I was just wondering how many sites you have to run in an hour to get the ‘advertised’ 90-100m/h? I can run these sites in under a single tick usually.

(Anderson Geten) #2

by who ?

BTW WTF is this fit ?
T1 kinetic field ?¿? :parrotmustache:
missile range script ¿¿¿ :parrotdad:
cap injection + cap recharger ??? :parrotbeer: (my bad it’s meta shield booster… USE T2)
WASP+hornet+ DLA I ¿¿¿¿¿ :congaparrot:

(Neo Detonation) #3

The fit works fine for me on my slightly cheap budget.

If you would like to offer tips on how to make my fit better I would appreciate that.

(Anderson Geten) #4

you need a DLA if you use range. In that case, sentries are better because they apply faster on range.
I would go with two cheap gist kinetic field. They help alleviate the cpu cost. Also less cap use, and more resist means less need for shield boosting
you should have enough range on the missiles to shoot target from any range. using a precision script allows to apply more DPs
If you have enough fitting room, a large cap battery (compact or T2) is better than a cap recharger.

(Neo Detonation) #5

Allrighty, thanks. What kind of ticks should I be seeing?

(Anderson Geten) #6

you try and you tell us.
It’s give-give otherwise we are just losing our time :wink:

(Neo Detonation) #7

Fair enough. I currently get 10 billion per tick.

(Quor Dresden) #8

So tick? As in every 20 min when bounties are paid? You get 20 billion a tick but want to make 90 to 100 mil a hour as ’ advertised '?

(Neo Detonation) #9

I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic.

(Quor Dresden) #10

Serious. I’m not familiar with the term tick in Eve. And I was confused by the amount of isk earned.
Sorry I did make a mistake you said 10 bill tick not 20. So is a tick when the bounties get paid? Is it every 20 min?

(Khanid Voltar) #11


how much per tick are you making now?

(Neo Detonation) #12

Well, my skills are still coming up, but right now about 25m.

The reason I ask all this is because I see places like this and this saying you can get 30-40 mil ticks and a hundred million per hour with the Rattle.

(Khanid Voltar) #13

It’ll be skill dependent I am afraid, presumably you are using Arbalest Launchers because you cannot use T2 yet, the skill that unlocks T2 is 5% per level, plus the specialization skill gives an additional 2% per level. Plus there is the Warhead Upgrades skill which gives a further 2% per level. Assuming that you have Heavy Missiles to 4 and Warhead Upgrades to 4 then they plus the spec skill is 17% damage you’re missing out on, and that doesn’t include the various Drone damage modifiers - assuming that is a similar amount to the missing missile damage skills then you are down by 34% DPS.

The relationship between income per tick and DPS isn’t quite as linear as this, but if you calculate an extra 34% damage as an extra 34% income on top of your 25m then that puts you at 33.5m per tick - well within the range of income per hour you were expecting. Plus if you add on the two 5% missile damage hardwirings you’d be headed towards the 40m per tick level.

Hope that helps.

(Neo Detonation) #14

Exactly what I needed. Thanks

(ExcalibursTemplar) #15

It also depends on the system you’re ratting in. If you’ve been told to rat in a -0.3/.4 you’re going to make less than a -1/.9 system. As the bounties paid out go up the better the trusec status (-1.0 is best).

Infact in a lower nullsec rated system you’re better of using a couple of smartbombing BS in Gurista rally points and blitzing those sites then running the 6/10 escalations you get in something like a Tengu. 6/10 escalations can be very profitable as you can run them and sometimes find Pithum A type adaptive invuls which are worth 1+ bill usually.

(Anderson Geten) #16


Bounties are static and depend only on the rat you kill.

lower truesec is better because you can have more

(ExcalibursTemplar) #17

You’re dead wrong on that. Go to null and check it out yourself.

(HugoRich) #18

Aprox 80m in a hour on a rattle on L4 with genomode with loot and salvaging, 15b+ per month in one window, more than enough to buy yrslf omefa and a dozen of injectors

(Sasha Viderzei) #19

@Anderson_Geten is right here, mate. Rats in signature and anomalies have static bounties, which doesn’t change with the truesec status. Truesec affect the spawn of anomalies (it’s rare to see a Sanctum in -0.1, if not impossible) and the bounty of the rats in asteroid belts, but nothing is changed within anomalies.

(Nick Vindi) #20

If you have the ISK to invest, just use a Vindicator.
40m - 50m ticks. Check this out: The Vindicator ratting guide