Rattlesnake vs Raven Navy Issue for speedrunning Lv4 missions

Somewhere I thought they recommended the warp speed rig and implant. I could be confusing that with another source though

Rattlesnake has two main sources of DPS. No matter how you bling other mission runners, they only have one. Thats why Rattlesnake will always be the best ship for complete clear. But if you want to blitz - there are other ships, that can do job better (Machariel for many missions, for example)

All battleships can use Guns/Missiles and Drones. The Rattlesnake just has damage bonus for both (and it isn’t the only one). So after all, it’s still dps and damage output, and ship mobility (that Typhoon FI fit shows that you don’t need big hp tank at all for lv 4 missions). Rattlesnake has poor mobility, and heavy drones have mobility issues of them own. And as for paper dps, Leshak can beat Rattlesnake.

I put together a rattlesnake last night finally. Using rapid heavies right now. That thing is a beast, far above any ship I’ve tried so far. I can’t say it’s better than the RNI since I haven’t flown, but I’m quite satisfied with it.