Raw Moon Materials

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I need some help please. I am trying to learn the new process if there is ofc in farming Raw Moon Materials using the Athanor. Can someone please tell me how to get these materials what rigs/station services or any other equipment I will need to harvest them. I am new to this and couldn’t find much doco on harvesting raw moon materials.

Oh when i mean raw moon materials i mean items like cadmium.
your help is appreciated.

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Ok, to start with, find a moon ore with the moon mineral you want. Here’s a good source for them and prices: https://ore.cerlestes.de/moon

Launch survey probes into moons with a survey probe launcher till you find the ore you’re looking for. Keep in mind some ores are seeded only in 0.4 and below and not in 0.5 or W-space.

Once you find a moon to mine, warp to the moon mining beacon over that moon, and anchor the Athanor near the beacon. The text will tell you if moon mining is possible in a given location.

The anchor and repair cycles will take 24 hours and a 20 minutes total. Be prepared to defend the structure at the start and end of that window.

After the Athanor is done anchoring and repairing, take control of it and dump a load of fuel blocks (doesn’t matter which type) in its fuel bay. Then fit a StandUp Moon Drill in the service slots. You’ll get an icon in the high slots for the moon drill, click it to start an extraction.

Once the extraction is complete (6 day minimum cycle), you’ll get a notification the moon drill is ready to fire. Take control again and click the moon drill button to detonate your moon chunk. This will produce an asteroid field with the moon ore, mine and refine it as you would any other ore.

Many thanks Arushia,

I was mainly targeting items like cadmium, silicates, cobalt tungsten etc. Those type of raw moon materials. I am not sure how you go about getting them. I don’t want to buy them from market and would prefer to farm them. I know before the recent Refinery update you had to have moon harvesters to get these raw moon materials. Given we all have a new process now I am not sure how to go about them. Is it something I will have to do as you said in your reply. 1-blast a big rock from the moon 2-then mine the raw materials to get cadmium etc. let alone what rocks would you have to mine to extract those reaction raw moon materials.

There has not been much youtube vids on it or any doco in farming these raw moon materials not ores using the Athanor. In other words Reaction Raw Moon Materials.

Any info would help.

Once again thank you.

The old method (anchor POS over moon, let it mine for you passively) was removed when the Athanor was introduced. Using a moon drill on an Athanor or its big brother, the Tatara, and mining the resulting field is now the only way to generate these raw moon minerals.

Eve Mogul offers public moon mining. A list of which materials will be available where and when can be found here:


Edit: If you are thinking of reacting your own advanced moon material for T2 manufacturing, that will take a lot of time and effort. You are probably better off buying the advanced moon material in Jita, making your own advanced components and leaving the lower links in the value chain for others.

You have both been a great help.

Yes it’s reactions i will be making. I wont be making full t2 stuff what i want to do is harvest the gas then use it for the first layer of items then sell em off instead of making full t2 products. Let’s say a bit like planetary mining where at first you extract stuff from the planet and instead of selling them right away you then use them for another level of item creation before you sell them to others to make t2 stuff. Would that be a good way or profitable then just selling the gas itself ?

many thanks.

Gas reactions are used make polymer materials which are used to make hybrid components for T3 manufacturing. This is wormhole stuff and you will likely need to join a wormhole corp to have reasonable access.

Moon mining creates an asteroid field that is mined the same as normal minerals. Each reaction will require several materials and you will likely not be able to harvest all of them. Steve’s site shows profitability:

Nullsec alliances got very wealthy doing this but it used to be passive gameplay. Now it’s active and mostly takes place in high risk regions of space. I’m not sure how profitable it is on an ISK/hour basis but you can give it a try in reasonable safety with the Eve Mogul refineries and see if it’s a career path you want to follow.

Or commonly known as goos-sec or null sec.

So if i want to know if the moon has cadmium, silicates, cobalt tungsten etc i will need to survey the moon first right ? By surveying it will show me if the moon will contain those items. Then I have to crush rock to get them ? very interesting very.

Again thanks for the help.

Ok now i got the hang of things. I managed to scan any moon and it showed the ores you can mine including the reaction materials as well. The reaction materials are in non normal ores for e.g. The ore “Coesite” has the standard minerals and reaction mineral named “Silicate”. Do i need special skills to mine the “Coesite” ore ? Or do we have to use different mining lasers to mine them ?.


Look in the Resource Processing section of the Skills tab on your character sheet. Filter for All Skills.

You’ll find several skills for Reactions and several skills for Moon Ore Processing. You will need the Reactions skill at level 1 to use the module and Mass Reactions if you want to submit more than 1 job. The ore skills aren’t required to mine but they improve yield and you’ll need them if you want to fit the T2 modulated laser with crystals or T2 strip miners with crystals.

Note that you can’t directly mine the moon. A Refinery fitted with a Standup Moon Drill will blast off a chunk of moon, tractor the chunk into space and blow it up to create a “normal” asteroid belt that you (and anyone else) can mine.

many thanks to all you people for helping me out. I done some survey probing and found the reactions in moon materials. All makes sense now. Once again many thanks.


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