RCL - Casual wormhole living USTZ

Righteous Cowboy Lightning is a (very) small USTZ corp opening its doors to independent minded players looking to bunk down in a comfy wormhole.

Our offer is simple, if you want to try a taste of wormhole life without the typical requirements and burdens, we’ve got an Astra with your name on it.

We live in a C3 with a highsec static, it is easy to come and go as you wish, we get plenty of roaming connections every week with adventures waiting behind each one.

Our members are PVPers who enjoy a balanced playstyle, as veterans of larger wormhole groups we can show you the ropes, answer questions, but ultimately this is a very ragtag group and, like us, you should appreciate and feel comfortable in a solo/ultra small gang setting.

Hard Requirements

  • USTZ
  • About 10m skillpoints minimum
  • Able to fly a cloaking/scanning ship and already be literate on how to scan
  • Self sufficient for isk
  • Mature and good-natured personality, we are a very chill bunch of dudes and it’s going to stay that way

If interested, please join our discord and have a chat with us: https://discord.gg/7YkXzqm2KB

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