Reactions in NPC stations

I could put this in feedback for the new indy changes thread, but I feel it would just be lost there.

With the new changes Reactions will be much more important for a lot more ships. So can I suggest that it be made easier to access. Right now it is limited to player owned structures in low sec. I am all for keeping the low sec rule, just to keep the risk factor there for more advanced indy, but can we have some NPC stations as well? I think having to use a player structure adds too much risk for something that is going to be so needed now.

Risk because you can loose access (kicked from corp, public structures goes private, gets destroyed or goes offline due to no fuel). Having all your indy shut down for a reason outside of your control is not fun (had it happen, know others that have had it too). For someone trying to get into indy, trying to work out what structure in low sec you are willing to put your precious reaction formula is less then simple I feel.

It would not take away from the incentives of having player structures for it for those that want max profit, they can have their lower tax, and material and time reductions.

CPP said they want to make indy simpler to get into, well I think this update does the exact opposite. Maybe this might be an easy help to players that are just starting out.


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