Reactivating corp - looking for partners


I’m looking for partners that are:

  • ACTIVE in the same time zone as me (1500-0000 eve time, Monday - Friday).
  • Thrilled by the idea of create something from the scratch in a team environment.
  • Have a basic understanding of eve.
  • Looking for a leadership role.

About me:

  • I have been playing eve on and off from year one.
  • My main char has about 45m SP (mostly pvp).
  • I have 3 chars doing PI (one of them flies t2 indy).
  • At it’s peak, my current corp had about 100 people - It was 100% pvp focused, had a ship replacement program and basic logistics (it fell apart when I had to step out to deal with my kid’s birth).

Vision for the corp:

  • FUN!
  • Grow and learn together.
  • Teamwork and co-operation.
  • PVP as a means, not as a goal (I can go play COD if I want mindless PVP).

Send me an EVE mail if you are interested, I’ll bump this post a few days for visibility.

Thank you for your time!


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EVE is in a constant state of too many chiefs and not enough indians, consider putting your talents to use to somewhere that is more established :slight_smile:

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Have a look

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