Rebalancing between now and the end of ATXV


(CCP Fozzie) #1

Hey tournament folks! We’ve been getting some questions about what our plans are for balancing in the July and August releases that would overlap with the tournament. Sorry that I wasn’t able to confirm things earlier, as I had to wait for some vacations to line up to confirm this plan with all the relevant parties inside CCP.

We obviously have the huge rebalance of T3 cruisers coming next week in our July release. For all the details about those changes you can take a look at this forum thread.

I can confirm now that we are not currently planning any other major balance changes between now and the end of the tournament. A major disclaimer applies that we always reserve the right to deploy changes as needed for EVE’s overall health and that we never delay balance changes for the AT.

At this time we do not expect any major balance changes other than the T3 changes to land in the July and August release. This includes the earlier proposed changes to Rapid Launchers which is currently on hold and will not be deployed in July or August.

Thanks and good luck with your practices!

(CCP Logibro) #2

(Quinlin Harpy) #3

I’m sorry where are these rapid launchers changes? Please dont tell me it was the post you made on April 1st…

(Creecher Virpio) #4

So I guess that means that once again shield slaves have been pushed back, as well as the other implants that were scheduled for the summer? Not to mention the Sansha armor=>shield loot rework.

(Hendrink Collie) #5


As small as the ac falloff changes were, I was hoping to see it soon rather than later. I understand though, thanks for giving a timeline at least.

(Capqu) #6

rapid lights?

(Soldarius) #7

Well, that makes things interesting. ty

In light of the Strategic Cruiser changes, is there any chance their point cost for AT will be coming down?

(CCP Fozzie) #8

We’re erring on the side of caution and leaving the T3C points high. Once we’ve had a year of seeing how these changes work out in practice we can re-evaluate changes for future tournaments.

(Romvex) #9

A good sign, surely there will be time to rethink the rapid launcher change in order to address the problems with the weapons system, instead of simply gutting hulls designed to specialize in them. Reduce the clip size of rapid lights significantly and slightly lower the reload timer, and nerf rate of fire. This will keep their intended anti-tackle role intact while removing the ability to burst through cruiser active tanks and 1-clip buffer tanks, and giving tackle the ability to play around more frequent reloads.

(Dinsdale Pirannha) #10

Wow, just wow.

The biggest balance problem you have is the null sec bounty haul, but you don’t even recognize it as an issue.
You nerfed your own nerfs, with the expected results: Virtually no changes in bounties, according to latest MER.

But hey, we are not to worry about it, at least until the fall.

(Mike Azariah) #11

Will you be watching the usage in the AT to determine the point value for the following year?


(TrouserDeagle) #12

use this time to make the rapid launcher nerf better I guess. if you insist on not deleting them then at least increase their fitting cost by 100%

(Tempus Halley) #13

What about the 700+ module teiricide original scheduled for Summer 2017? Maybe fall?

(Lucas Quaan) #14

This would not affect AT balance and could technically still be in the works.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #15

You could tweak capitals as needed with no AT consequences.

Ratting capitals continue to warp the entire game’s economy and have singlehandedly pushed the PLEX:ISK conversion rate up something like 30%.

(Kenda deLagrange) #16

Will there be a Thunderdome upgrade to reflect the T3C changes on TQ?

(CCP Logibro) #17

The plan is to do that today (in fact, I’m about to start the update right now).

Thunderdome has now been updated to the current Tranquility build including the T3C changes.