Rebalancing Corvettes

So. Loaded topic, lets go!

I think that, corvettes(previously rookie ships) as a class, could use some retooling.

They shouldn’t match frigates in most ways, but they should have their own niche other than ‘slow warping pod sleeve.’

My line of thought, on this, is to make them what their name largely implies. Corvettes, historically IRL were lightly armed and armored patrol and escort vessels, meant primarily for convoy defense, and shallow water sweeps(many of these duties are largely being dealt with by the Littoral Combat Ship classification in the modern era, which are by technicality, large Corvettes anyway), and also in EVE’s lore most of the corvettes are described as being meant for patrol or screening roles in some fashion.

This in mind, of course, a corvette in eve should be able to meet at least a basic screening role, while not outshining its larger frigate cousins. They should be fast, they should remain fairly easy to pop, but they need a function and not be effectively unable to fill a role(I am fully aware that corvette fleet meme is a thing, and they can be hilarious particularly enmass, but that’s about all they end up being used for other than pod sleeves).

To this end, I think, increasing they’re base slot layouts by +1 each, and turret/launcher layouts by +1 as well, and pairing them with a role bonus for allowing defender missiles be fitted. Ofc, they’d also need a PG/CPU buff, to accomodate additional slots. Perhaps also a base speed and agility increase, as corvettes are supposed to be, by definition, small and fast to give them a leg up over normal frigates(but should not be faster than interceptors). They should remain unable to be rigged, fitting their designation as cheap mass produced fast ships, but gives them a niche that doesn’t have then outshining frigates, opening up room for their use in more places.

Destroyers will ofc remain a better Defender Missile platform, and will probably remain the go to solution, but I still like the idea I’ve laid out here.

Corvettes don’t really have a niche, buff pg/cpu+base speed+slot layout, give defender missile capability, keep no rig setup, give corvettes a base niche as the support/escort ships they’re characterized as in lore.

P.S. Interesting to note is, that currently, certain corvettes just absolutely overshadow the rest in all facets. I think this should also be brought in line in some fashion as well.

I want to hear the thoughts of others on how corvettes can be given an actual niche of use beyond memefleet and pod sleeve

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no they shouldn’t

no they don’t

you get what you pay for. you pay nothing you get nothing


Yeah, I have to agree with Lugh. They don’t require a niche outside of free starter ship. They do what they were intended to do, don’t have any unintended negative consequences (It doesn’t mess with balance, industry, or anyone’s incomes), and are worthless to older players outside of “pod sleeve” and meme’ing.
No P2W


I always liken corvettes to zip guns. They are a poor substitute for a real one but they get you started and hopefully you will use it to GET a real one (in this case, ship)

Making them truly useful would be a foolish thing to do and they would no longer encourage people to move up to ‘real ships’ the N+1 with them would become oppressive

in short, no



Id like to see them be able to light cynos again.

The role of the corvette is to be the absolute minimum a capsuleer needs to start rebuilding should they somehow lose absolutely everything they own.

The nature of their spawning contradicts the sandbox, so i don’t see why they need to be useful.


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