Let's Be Real Here

EVE “frigates” are not actually frigates in the scope of things. A frigate is your typical, warship that is heavier than a destroyer and has a few more utilities. A destroyer is essentially the smallest lineship besides the corvette.

Cruiser and “battlecruiser” would be the next stage up with a battlecruiser just being slightly more armed. Battleship being your typical naval backbone with subcaps/caps being quite accurate to their role.

“Frigates” in Eve are starships, fighters, interceptors and sometimes bombers. Actual frigates would be light cruisers, like the stabber or corax. Cruisers would probably be the heaviest of the group, like the rupture or vexor.

Corvettes would be the lighter destroyers, such as the talwar or dragoon.

I’m not asking to change the names officially as that would be asinine with the skilling. Its just something that has always bugged me to see something like a rifter or slasher be considered a frigate.


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I’ve been thinking about this recently, and I agree. Although it’s probably too late to change, since players have gotten used to the current naming scheme after almost two decades.

Probably a more fitting ship class naming scheme would be like this (current -> proposed):

Frigate -> Gunship (or [Player] Fighter, as opposed to “Drone Fighter”)
Destroyer -> Corvette
Cruiser -> Frigate
Battlecruiser -> Cruiser (or Destroyer)
Battleship -> Battlecruiser

And finally, a new line of ships that are to the current Battleships what the current Destroyers are to the current Frigates. This class would be the actual battleship class, and would be a firepower platform that’s vulnerable without support. Maybe it could have a “light” siege mode, except without defensive boosts.

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When did frigates become heavier than destroyers?

You’re starting with an assertion which is factually incorrect.


Your not new here, when did the forums ever become concerned with facts? :wink:

Think you are all backwards here…it generally goes lightest to heaviest: Corvette—>Frigate—>Destroyer


Basically, yep. EVE has the general size ranking correct. In the real world, it’s a little muddier, but not so much that it changes the scheme of things.


Correct…there is some overlap but IRL corvettes have a more distinct role closer to shore where as a destroyer will be an integral part of a flotilla far from home. Frigates fall in the middle…

Can’t wait until somebody mentions pocket battleships…

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Is that was the 1st concept for blk opps bs were for kinda?

Not sure but Eve doesn’t really have them…unless you look at Assault Battle-cruisers. They are probably the closest to a pocket BS…terrifying glass cannons…

I think the current BlkOps fall into another category…probably labeled fiction but I’m not sure why :clown_face:

Meh, I never got to fly the 1st gen. The deception of the ship seemed to fit what the pocket bs was supposed to do. To come out of nowhere and disrupt shipping lanes.

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Nobody mentioned Logistics?

" Let’s Be Real Here"

What ? You’re flying a spaceship through the galaxy at faster-than-light speeds - ‘real’ has nothing to do with it…

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I think the really nice functional and realistic design is the gallente industrial ships line, look like a 2 piece tug (front/end) thats moving the containers.

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Yeah given their current second most used role Id say they fit the descriptor

That is actually incorrect.
Irl warships goes as:
Corvette - smallest naval vessel that can be considered a “Warship”
Frigate - bigger than corvette, usually used to escort bigger ship
Destroyer - name derived from “torpedo boat destroyer”, during WW2 was used in escort role, modernly they are naval workhouses.
Cruiser - ship big enough to be capable of independent operations, usually used for recon, recon denias, and raiding. in some cases used as escort role when raiding was expected. Modernly only a few navies invest in those, because they are unnecesarily big targets for weaponry.

Battlecruisers/Battleships - the fun part in here is that the only battlecruisers in eve that are true to their irl name are assault battlecruiser - irl it was basically a battleship grade gun on a ship with a speed of the cruiser, essentially cruiser killers but were as expensive as battleship and treaties restricted both equally. During WW2 Battleships were “the” capital ship and battlecruisers and battleships evolved into shared type - fast battleship. and similary both were obsoleted by rise of carriers.

That being said I find it interesting that of all things it’s frigates that got your attention despite being quite accurate - while the game diverges greatly from your “typical” navies by labeling battlecruisers and battleships as sub-capitals, treading 2/3rd of battlecruisers as armoured cruisers (cruiser guns, less speed but better ability to tank hits) and the fact that for the purpose of “capital ships” they have taken what’s essentially a type of battleship, and made it into whole separated type from battleships.

Now I take it that the t2 names of some frigate types may seem confusing, since they’ve got airforce terms to name it.
For example if we wanted to put proper naval terms onto t2 frigs we would get something like Stealth Bombers being renamed into torpedo boats - because that’s precisely what they are. They are frigate sized ships armed with TORPEDOES that rely on not being detected before they can deliver their strike.

Assault Battlecruisers are proper equivalent of irl battlecruisers.
“Pocket Battleship” was an outside nickname for certain ship classes, and they were officially classified as “Armored Cruiser” or “Armored Ship” depending on how you translate.

The thing with black ops batleships is that 1) if there was equivalent in existance it would have been kept secret from the public due to the nature of the “black ops”, 2) hiding a battleship sized ship nowaday (prerequisite for well conducting operation you don’t want anyone to know it was You) is a tad difficult, and unfeasible irl. In-game you have cloacking devices and covops jump drive.


Frigates are smaller than destroyers.

Terminology changes over time.

Arguing semantics makes you look pathetic.