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Re: pBS and CovOpsBS, I think @ MB ThePhotographer point about;

…is pretty good too. I know books have been writing on this as it’s pretty complex with treaties and pacts and rule bending but…I digress as you sound like you probably know all that already…

OP is one of those “in my country we do it like this so that’s how everyone does it” type of people. You know… those


A tourist, or worse still an Amarr tourist?

well if we wanted to be perfectly historically accurate in here, the main purpose of the ships that were nicked as “pocket battleships” was to be ultimate cruiser killers touse as a trading card to let germany into naval treaty that would overwrite peace treaty and allow kriegsmarine to build legaly battleships. The thing wasthat london treaty have given greater gun caliber restrictions on cruisers than versaile have put on germany. So they designed cruiser pushing the limits which resulted in a cruiser that should be able to win a fight against any treaty cruiser. So the trade was like “we let us into treaty or we build cruisers that will kill all your cruisers”. Their factuall later usage as raiding ships was just best thing kriegsmarine coudl try to do with a “cruiser killer” ship.

That being said, if we look at BLOPS this way (strategical role of supply lines disruption over theme of the ship type) then Kriegsmarine battlecruisers (specifically Scharnhorst class I hope I spelled it right) could be quite decent equivalent - as they were built as raiding ships that would challenge all the kind of escort ships short of capital ships. They also defy usuall definition of battlecruiser used by british because they have kept most of their armor and achieved speed increase by downgrading caliber of primary armament instead.

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and you think in the year 23236 AD someone will recognize that?

sorry for that


Thank you so much for letting us know. We truly appreciate the insight. I’m sure everyone who knew this already also appreciates the reminder. Maybe you should post more threads like this? Or maybe you should re-post this thread every other week, so we don’t forget?

Tell that to Andersen.


Andersen doesn’t care what we think of her.


few people know this but my uncle sir dwight von amarrhower the Ν repopularized the use of navy nomenclature , he was a famous old earth scholar and in fact we call them “spaceships” all across new eden because of him, he noted that the previous term “big chunks of metal floating in space” was misleading because not all ships were made of metal , and as much as they appear to be floating , in fact space has no buoyancy , he also rescue the forgotten use of the term woman , “cute eunuch” as they are previously called isn’t used anymore

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Frigates are smaller then Destroyers, Bud. I fast google search will tell ya that.

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