Rebalancing of the Republic Fleet Firetail or a new Rifter Fleet Issue?

Hello folks,

the Republic Fleet Firetail seems to be an underdog in Solo-fights amidst all the old and new Fleet/Navy Issue ships in the same tier who comfortably enter quite a lot 1v1 fights against the Firetail.

People who fly this ship successfully do so with implants and/or sets worth billions of isk, maybe with boosters as well. Such a ship in such a price-class compared to the costs of imp sets… it’s not worth it.

The ship misses one additional bonus, the small projectile bonus is not enough to sustain fights. The cap is very low and the supposedly strong hull (described as a Frontline brawler) is worthless if it can’t be protected/kept up at least for a few seconds more without sacrificing something else, thus creating another massive hole.

Where does the Firetail succeed? Inexperienced pilots, rat-swarmed targets and some luck of course. Being a Projectile-focussed ship, it demands very good piloting skills.

It seems like a ship which was developed ages ago and then left behind. The Minmatar need a solid small Projectile Autocannon-based Fleet Issue ship which pilots can look up to as a “next step” after the Rifter (the shadow of it’s former self).

What is your opinion?
Does the Republic Fleet Firetail need rebalancing?
Is this ship good the way it is now or do the Minmatar need a Rifter Fleet Issue?

Fly safe o7

I vote Rifter Fleet Issue.

Make Rifters Great Again.

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Any voices/comments etc. more?

Hard to gauge without data.

The guy who used to compile the Novice Frigate Yearbook („Novice“ meaning the old FW plex size, neither „novice pilots“ nor „novice fits“) would have tons of zKill data analyzed and objective criteria to evaluate whether to consider a frigate „underpowered“ for its class.

Maybe you could do something similar? Would be a lot of effort though.

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