Recent drops in T2 values - deflation, bubble burst or oversupply?

I’m trying to work out the reason for the recent drops in high turnover, low price T2 modules.


Adaptive Invulnerability Field II (or whatever it’s called now) - ~2450k to ~2000k

Light Neutron Blaster II - ~880k to ~720k

Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane (post-renaming) - ~850k to ~730k

Stasis Webifier II - also down 25%-ish

Is this a new normal, a temporary suppression of demand or spike in supply, or just someone with deep pockets dumping stock to urgently free up liquidity?

What period of time are you looking at for the value changes? 60 days? 90 days? 6 months?

Market prices are very cyclical (barring nerfs); depending on the periods you are looking at, some items may be in their natural ebb points, or coming off an unusual high (from high demand in the war ramp up, for example).

Was way OVERpriced.

Now it’s about 10m profit on 90 units. In a market of 2500 volume a day that is still over priced.

The market looked too good or too competitive to even get into a few days ago. Now I see my instinct was right because everyone is stuck in a relisting war.

Which is obvious in the price collapse of the last 9 hours

I tend to stay away from those kinds of markets because they rarely can support more than 5 or 10 units before a relisting is needed

So 25 to 50 units consumes any profit.

If you need 90 units to make a profit then you’re underwater by 10m

Add to that the fact the market was over priced…

Lots of T2 suckers getting owned right now.

28 days or so. Drop has been recent and sharp.

Eh, I’m buying at the moment. I’ve got deep enough pockets to sit on stock for a while, the lower prices will push producers out of the market and there’s always end user demand for these things.

At some point if it gets low enough, I’ll buy all the stock on the market, have done that before.


We can make a challenge regarding those multi spectrum shields…wtf they change the name? Anyway.

I predict the buy will drop and price will go up.

Dunno when. Just trend.

Your buy may be fine long term. Buying now should guarantee a fulfilled order.

Selling now should guarantee a sale.

Because where the pressure is going.

But I dont think it’s bottomed yet

This is the correct move right now. Doing the same.

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I’m only sitting on about 3000 of the T2 shield hardeners at the moment. If I can do so without fireselling other assets, I’d like to pick up another 20k units while they are this cheap.

I’d be interested to know how long it takes to move 3,000; especially 20k+

They are huge turnover items, as long as you are willing to sell for a 3% discount below ‘new fair price’ they’ll move.

Nothing like the issues I had when I bought something like 50000 T2 sentry drones during the post-nerf panic selling. Those did make ISK but were hard to sell and I ended up listing the last 20k or so as a bulk lot and taking 85% of ‘new fair price’ for them…

I was involved in manipulating T2 prices as a side effect of another manipulation I performed. This manipulation ended 90 days after the market fee changes.

I doubt I caused more than a blip as my profits were less than 2tn isk per year. I still have around 300bn of unwanted T2 products to sell and I am happy to sell them at cost cutting markets down.

I don’t know what else might cause it but I will have small effect

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