Recent Econ Report

(Tic Tok) #1

So seems that this past month for eve as had a bit of a swing downward. Is this due to the recent changes to the alpha clones?

(Lulu Lunette) #2

Maybe. Also winter is starting to really hit in the northern hemisphere, so maybe there’s a few seasonal workers irl that are able to play 23/7 now and it’s made a bit of a surplus in supplies across the board. :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

Tbh I have no idea, never was much of an economist :smile:

(Tic Tok) #3

Lol fair enough. I looked at the data this morning and am trying to wrap my mind around some of this stuff. Seems that overall we are seeing a small dips at the end of november in everything aside from accessory purchases which is in the positive the entire month if I’m reading it right.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #4

Alpha changes were in December. Howeber how much of this was also tied to moon mining changes?

(Tic Tok) #5

My mistake. I’m still in November mindset irl.

(Tic Tok) #6

According the the velocity graph we see that lifeblood had a small impact in the beginning of november but petered out toward the end.

(Tic Tok) #7

Could have also spiked due to “the covenant returns” that was active from Oct 26 to the 9th of Nov.

(system) #8

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