Recent Econ Report

So seems that this past month for eve as had a bit of a swing downward. Is this due to the recent changes to the alpha clones?

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Maybe. Also winter is starting to really hit in the northern hemisphere, so maybe there’s a few seasonal workers irl that are able to play 23/7 now and it’s made a bit of a surplus in supplies across the board. :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

Tbh I have no idea, never was much of an economist :smile:

Lol fair enough. I looked at the data this morning and am trying to wrap my mind around some of this stuff. Seems that overall we are seeing a small dips at the end of november in everything aside from accessory purchases which is in the positive the entire month if I’m reading it right.

Alpha changes were in December. Howeber how much of this was also tied to moon mining changes?

My mistake. I’m still in November mindset irl.

According the the velocity graph we see that lifeblood had a small impact in the beginning of november but petered out toward the end.

Could have also spiked due to “the covenant returns” that was active from Oct 26 to the 9th of Nov.

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