Recevied my merch and the customs charged me 15 EUR

I was unhappy to see them charging 10 EUR for 20?? days shipping but my parcel arrived today in Germany and I was forced to pay 15 EUR for customs. Not happy. The 46 EUR that I was happy to pay for a hoodie turned into a 71 EUR hoodie and if I had known that I would not have bought.

Prices on the merch site were posted in EUR so I could not have guessed they would ship it from outside the EU. There should have been a notification.


It’s literally on their website:


It does show explicitly that international orders may have fees applied. I’m saying I wasn’t aware that I was making an international order since I’m in the EU and the prices were in EUR

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Yeah, they could have done a better job of that. But assumption that currency == shipping origin is almost never a good one to make for online purchases.

If you think :de: customs is bad try living in :switzerland: . Prices in CHF is not at all guaranteed to mean the purchased good originated here.

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Its weird because they have a seperate europe shop, wich one of the main reasons to have such a shop is prevent customs problems with VAT.

also these days lot of shops outside the EU are using the OSS system, the digital VAT system of the EU, where VAT is added when the purchase is made, and the package is automatically flagged to exempt customs. I have ordered tons of stuff outside of the EU and it rarely gets flagged for customs.

If the warehouse isn’t in your country, extremely likely, then its going to be an international order, CCP doesn’t hold stock in every country and the currency involved is never an indication given that most of europe uses the euro lol

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lol international.

where does the “european shop” then ship from?

Yes, international, its moving between nations, not sure which part was confusing, the single market doesn’t prevent taxes or customs duties being collected on things that require them, it just means they will allow things to move around more easily with less requirements on checks so you don’t get things like customs opening your package etc

You do know that europe is made up of different countries right?

There are no customs within the european customs union EUCU

Not all countries in Europe are in the EU. Iceland is not, nor is UK.

Thats why its important to specify from where the parcel is being shipped

Looks like U.S. California. At least thats where the company is located

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