I was relieved to see https://eumerch.eve.com ships from Germany (hence NO customs fee, you might wanna state that , CCP)

The Eve EU Merch Store’s shipping policy info doesn’t say goods are shipped from Germany. That would have kept me from ordering, but I made an exception for Eve Online, cause this game means so much to me. So I took the risk of having to pay a substantive customs fee (I live in Belgium, the EU abolished the no-fee policy on orders from outside the EU beneath a certain € threshold, last year).

Also, the hoodie I ordered is nice and comfy.

I hope the merch range doesn’t get extended with more colourful hoodies, or comfy trousers, for my wallet’s sake :wink:

don’t worry brother , it will be fine , let me tell you a similar history that happened to me last year

one day i had a terrible idea
lets buy a 300 dollars chess set
every dollar is 5 reais (my banana republic currency ) and 300dollars /1500 reais is enough to pay for a full harem of high quality waifus , or two kidneys , or some babies , or lots o blow … you get the idea
so i clicked the order button
one day someone from the government called me ,

hello mr tutucox.

Sup bro , chilling and stuff?

yeah yeah, im here with your order , the thing is ,we wont deliver it until you pay some taxes mmmkay…

OMG , taxes ? Can i not pay? Pleeeeeeasee?

Sure mr tutucox but you will not receive the stuff , its like a ransom , do you know what a ransom is?

ohhhhh, yes yes ofc i know

Excellent , if you don’t pay the dam taxes we will trow that ■■■■ chess set of yours in the fire right now and it will be such a shame to spend 300 dollars for nothing , right ?

ok , ok , for the love of god i will pay!!!

you are a smart guy , send us 300 dollars in this account - say the number of the customs office account

but but i don’t have all that money …

have a wonderful day mr tutucox, byeeeeeeee

something like that

at the end i payed 600 dollars /3000 reais for the dam chess set , i managed to split it in 5 monthly payments of 600 reais


its amazing :astonished:
10/10 would not go out with my girlfriend for 5 months again


Sounds like a 400 IQ chess move.

From your government.

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  1. e4!

And stop talking about our banana republic, it’s embarrassing.

Let’s pretend we are civilized.

ha i knew it
malkaviano :smiley: jogando vampire neh kkkkkkkk

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