Recloning snags

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Couple issues with the recloning mechanic that I’m running into:

What can be done about ship insurance? Kind of important. I could suggest insurance being attached to the hull only, rather than hull and character. Maybe allow insurance to be issued while tethered to a structure that has insurance available.

Can the mechanic become active when the ship explodes, rather than the pod? This is close to solving an issue of keeping ships on target, but if the pod needs to die you might as well warp back to the carrier, or use something smaller like an Orca which can dock in smaller citadels. In general we are also in the habit of not podding hostiles, because it keeps them from reshipping.

This is very close to becoming something amazing.

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What if instead (and hang in there with me on teleporting space magic) of the public/fleet SMA being on the Supercarrier itself, a remote material transfer link is established with a designated headquarters structure service module.

This structure service module would provide a limited space personal ship hangar within the upwell structure which pilots would prepare ahead of time and place designated ships inside the personal hangar.

When a pilot respawns in pod at a recloner carrier they open up what used to be the SMA (now metamaterial bridge link) and have access to their own limited personal hangar x AU away. Ship insurance is also maintained by this system as there is no issue of other pilots taking your ship.

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I don’t think ship insurance needs a change due to the recloning mechanic - it should continue to work as any fleet-hangar ship withdrawal always has worked.

Also, it’s a new clone - the only way to get one of those is to jump while docked or have your pod go poof. It wouldn’t make sense to trigger on ship death. If the pod is still around, the pilot can try to reship normally from the fleet hangar.


It would mean losing the ship also meant the pod automatically goes boom, yeah. Automatically, with no 30 second self-destruct, which is a huge pain point under tidi. [edit: the self-destruct is two minutes, easily an hour in tidi]

I would say the self-destruct is okay if citadel countdowns and damage caps were also subject to tidi.

Having the super on grid with the assault is already something you can do, so there’d be no reason to have this new recloner mechanic at all.

Insurance - you know, I am close to live testing this, and I will check if the ship you receive after respawning is based on ownership. That would mean supplying a ship ahead of time by each character, which would make sense. The scenario I’m looking at is, say, 49 Gnosis hulls provided to a fleet, without coordination ahead of time.

Insurance works, yeah, but if the ship you are assigned is at all random, it means you will forego insurance.

I need a day maybe.

There seems to be a very big issue with managing structure inventory under tidi. This recloner mechanic is an improvement for being automatic. With tidi there is like a ten minute wait for each step of docking, opening inventory, boarding ship, and undocking. It’s no lie, blackscreen for half an hour or more.

having tested it, the benefits are underwhelming

-using the drug should either:

  • make pod destruction automatic after losing the hull (we have the technology)
  • make pod destruction instant after selecting the respawn point in fleet window
  • respawn the pod into a ship directly from supercarrier ship maintenance array

It’s a lot of steps for what it provides right now, which can be accomplished by setting home station and undocking (which I already do). It could become a way to make supercarriers absolutely spew ships into a fleet.

You know in the video where the mechanic was shown as a way to keep the fight full-tilt? Biggest disconnect is the fact that we don’t pod each other, for this exact reason of keeping the reship process slow.

Insurance is already tied to the hull only.
Sort of
If your corp or alliance pre insure all ships in the recloner super, then when/if they die they get the insurance payout, but it also means you get an insured ship.

If you want to insure the ship yourself, then you can and insurance will stay as long as you don’t repackage the ship (Can’t remember if contracts break it) Either way, just put it in the SMA abd when you die and jump in, it will be pre insured.

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hey thanks for that info. I came back to thread to ask for a solution to the insurance issue. tyty

It’s not perfect, but it’s workable. Because the situation is kind of indiscriminate unless the group is small enough to stash ships ahead of time. But so far it doesn’t seem likely that a large group would have the luxury to plan ahead, and especially when tidi kicks off.

It sounds like an accounting problem still, but I will ask some people on my end. Thanks

It looks like insurance is still a pain point for the recloner.

If it was possible to insure by alliance, that would match with the alliance-wide entosis defense mechanic.

The planning required for this makes it limited to small gang / group / corp right now. The situation I find myself in is high, sudden tidi and a large pool of potential users for ships in the super. Even if we manage to hand out ships ahead of time to insure them by each player, you could be left with insured ships after the OP that are bound to those players. And there’s very little guarantee that the same players will be back for every Op until their unsured ships are lost.

The other route is supplying Gnosis, which have like a 2 million ISK insurance policy.

Also expedite pod death somehow please. Is the 2-minute self-destruct a hold over from when medical clones were expensive? I could double the loss rate (also recloner use rate) if pod death was faster, especially under tidi. It eats up a lot of time.

You could just get rid of insurance altogether and cause a frenzy of ship loss before the announced removal date. That would be damn hilarious.

still being tested. needs an insurance rework and a change to pod death so it is instant while using the drug.

need the ability to insure ships for corporation in citadels

specifically for the recloner use, because for corp insurance I need to be in an NPC station with a corp office. but supers can’t dock in NPC stations.

I still need to test the specifics of corp insurance, but from what I’ve read (but not yet tested) is that ships have to go directly from corp hangar to the character, which requires hangar access. Which is also theft access.

recloner is kind of dead in the water in current form. The respawning portion works but there is a motivation disconnect.

please help me help you. I am now following around our FCs with reasonable supercarriers full of refits and the options of being supercool special forces infinite spawn space pilots is not being used.

I will make further efforts to find uses for these much loved hulls experiencing role insecurity…

we’re going to do this together CCP. The loot spew errrrrr ship spew supercarrier will come to fruition, I believe in you. in us.

Needs universal insurance of some sort, and faster pod-to-super reset.

Thanks. Love you. XOXO. You’re doing great jimmy

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