Recommended ship/setup for burner missions

I’ve returned after multi-year long break and the game is completely new in some aspects. One of those are burner missions. What would be recommended ship/setup for running frigate burner missions (I don’t have skills for precursor ships).
I’ve searched the forum, but nothing was there on the first several pages.

I think a garmur will run all frig burners. Not sure about it though.
Check hateless youtube vids.

For blitzing you should go with 800mm Mach.

this is nonsense

garmur is best for the teamburner and you cant use a mach.


The Mach is used for the missions in between the burners to help keep standings where they need to be. This allows you to decline more non-burners so you can continue to pick up the burner missions.

For the team burners I’ve used:

Imperial Navy Slicer

The others have a different puzzle to solve so use different ships.

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