Missile/Shield fits for Burner missions


I just found out about these new Anomic missions. I returned recently from a long break, hence “new”.

I’ve lost a few ships to them, googled a bit, and learned a lot. But it seems that all suggested fits are for guns and armor, for which my mission character has no skills. Training into it would probably take months.

Are there viable missile/shield fits to run Burner missions solo, or should I continue to decline them until I train into a Daredevil?

you can easily do the team burners in hookbill, then garmur, then polarized rocket garmur.
when your skills are low, use a jam to make the RR go away, and kill the other RR . then kill the second RR if it comes back(or jam it). Then the burner.

I should be able to field a garmur with a couple days into rocket training for T2/polarized. Can it also handle the Anomic Agent missions?

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