Recover Char

Good day. sorry for my english. i delete my char from acc on test server before 08.10.2021 when you do miraclle from live EVE server. But i don’t see my char in test server now. how i can repair my deleted char? Big thanks for future)

you will have to wait until Nov or Dec when the next mirror hits to have your char back on the test server… they cannot just add your character, they have to mirror the whole database.

is there any exact date of this event?

no. its generally every 3-4 months from the previous mirror. CCP doesn’t give an exact date until its close to the time they need it… they’ll announce about a week before when the mirror hits.

8-10-21 was a special mirror just for the testing they needed to have done, outside of that, every 3-4 months.

the funny thing is that I deleted the character before that date… but he not recovered 8-10-21

it takes them 2-3 days to start the mirroring process, so if you deleted it in that time frame, you won’t have that char.

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