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Hello future corp mate. I am returning to Eve after a long break and want to give the game another go.

I started playing Eve in 2005 and have 60mil sp. I played regularly between 07 and 11. During this time I was in a nullsec alliance (Roadkill) and I spent some time living in a wormhole (we got kicked out by enemies) I also had a year or so of activity in 2013 where I didnt leave highsec much.

I am located in EST and looking for a corp with activity in my time zone, evenings after 7pm till midnight or 1am and weekends.

I do not have much pvp experience but I want this to change. I love exploring and want to find a small group to play with who are willing to take on an relatively green player. Gaming is so boring alone. I’ve been gone for a long time and a ton has changed. I have enough isk to be self sufficient while I get my feet back on the ground.

Je parle français aussi.


Akheteru Integrated Astrometrics is looking for PvPers, Drug Dealers and Gas Harvesters.

We’re a wormhole based Drug Production corp looking for active pilots who know how to use D-scan, probes, and are proficient in any of the following:

T3 Cruisers

Frequent small gang PvP fleets. Experienced FCs, as always, will be given special consideration.

C4 with C4/C2 statics, frequent HS access via the C2. We map with Tripwire. Corp buys your gas, ore, salvage and sleeper loot.

Structures owned outside of corp, no HS wardec bs to deal with (unless we want to, frequent wars available to stick our noses into if the mood hits).

Stop by channel Join AIA to chat!

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