Recruiting Alphas, Newbro's & Non-Bitter-Vets for High Sec & WH Life

Thank-you :smile:

Could you wait 6 hours before replying - we could keep this bumped all day ? :crossed_fingers:

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Nah, its time to hit my bed so youll have your peace :smiley:

Recruitment going well - bump for a few more good 'runs to join us and enjoy !

Growing nicely and a weekend of activities planned - enjoying life and enjoying the people we play with.

Come join us and enjoy it too.

It’s been a busy weekend accepting a few new members and getting organised. Having fun and with a fleet op planned for this evening there’s much to look forward to =)

Corp now busy across EU/US TZ’s as we head to Wormhole space for a week of fun, training and teamwork.

Exciting times - come play your part ?

Hi, I’m looking for corporation/community as you described. I like exploring the Eden space, but I’m a newbie here. I understand that without support I’ll struggle to keep my account running, so my goal is to have enough isk for keeping omega. I don’t have a TeamSpeak or any other comms opportunity, so is it possible to join?

All going great, recruitment ticking along nicely. Come and join a great, friendly, happy, helpful gang across EU and US TZ’s (and a couple of hardcore never-log-off AU TZers but not in AU for fun too!) =)

A great saturday rolling the static, running some content and then repeating. Busy, good, active.

I woke up to the gang huffing gang, running combat sites and supporting each other to clear the next gas site - just how WH life should be =)

Hectic plans for the week with mission & mining fleets planned + whatever wormhole life throws at us =)


Im interested in having a chat with you guys.


Great group of folks

Welcome to the corp to the newest recruitments - this morning was busy with corp recruitment again and some exciting plans in the pipeline.

Come play a part =)

Is recruitment still open?

It is - having spent the morning rolling WH’s, running combat sites and chatting to corp mates recruitment is definately still open as we love having people to fly with !

Add me in game, join our public channel or come find our home and do a dance on the edge of the station to grab my attention :slight_smile:

Very social corp, always things going on come check us out in game or message us on here

Interested in what you have to offer! I look forward to seeing you in the pub channel. If I forget, EVEmail me, i’ll get back to you there. o7

Will do Dennis feel free to hit anyone up in the channel if im not on hope to see you soon

It sounds like you’ve put together just the type of corporation I’m looking for. I’m just returning after a few years away. Mostly a PvE guy in HiSec, but wormholes intrigue me. Would love to chat if we are both IG at the same time.

Lol :slight_smile:

Ron Wrong invited us over. Sorry you guys couldn’t make it