Recruiting for 7 days - then the books close again

Welcome to Edge Dancers - “The Bleeding Edge”.

We are an Indy Corp that recognises the fact that sometimes you have to kill in order to mine.

Found in nul sec usually on the edge of the inhabitable systems we look for like minded individuals to join our ranks. We recognise that sometimes you lose ships to defend whats yours.

We walk the edge of Indy and PVP - we build what we fight in and what we fight in, well, it keeps getting bigger!!!

If you are interested in an industrial career in EVE, are not afraid to work and love isk then come join a corp that feels the same way you do. With low rates of tax and extensive libraries of BPO and skill books maybe its time to come and Dance on the Edge and watch the Neuts bleed!!!

And as day 2 begins we have our first new corpie away…We are a bunch of guys that know that real life comes first. Eve is a game that we love to play…join us.

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