Recruiting New-player Industrial Capsuleers to join our mining division

The Root Corporation is now open to applications and looking for new industrial capsuleers to join and help grow the main industrial division. New players are welcomed and escorted to our beautiful home in Osvestmunnur Metropolis region.

Key features
-New player friendly
-English speaking
-West EU TZ (Mainly Netherlands)
-No drama, laid back, casual roid-blasting
-Internal market (buyback)
-Website and discord coming up
-Good rep with locals
-Regular (Daily) boosted ops

Apply to join
Feel free to say hi in our public channel for giggles @The Root Lounge and send in an application.

Recruitment is still open at The Root (TROOT) Corporation to all new capsuleers and experienced veteran industrial carebears alike.
We have begun setting up conversations with some very interesting corporations to work together.

Some highlighted key features

  • We are organizing squadrons in Osvestmunnur, where we live with a deep respect towards all other industrial corporations.
  • We are highly diplomatic with excellent relationships to achieve great things in the universe.
  • We are looking for all miners and manufacturers.
  • No drama, space-cowboys and girls
  • Discord for the blabla’s
  • Mining boosts and refinery (buybacks)
  • Great music included

Summary of latest developments @TheRoot:

  1. 3 New recruits have been recruited since the last post
  2. I am excited to announce that we have joined the alliance: Send Dudes
  3. Moons are now available to the corporation, we are in need of assistance clearing them all.
  4. We are now occasionally deploying into Wormhole space.

Gas miners, Ice harvesters, roid bonkers, moongooers sign up now and be part of our growing family.

Hi guys/girls,

Still recruiting for our wonderful new industrial fleet ops in Osvestmunnur. We are now engaging in all forms of mining: regular ore, ice, moongoo, in hi, low and wormhole space.

  1. Recruited 1 newbro in the meantime
  2. Hooked up with a friendly corporation in Nein
  3. We got discord set up so join in anytime: The Root

No Karaoke, okay.
Thanks for the views!

Hey guys/girls.

We are still recruiting new and experienced industrialist capsuleers. Our homesystem is already populated by a number of The Root Corporation members.

1 5 new member have joined our cause
2 We have organized 3 ops in the aliance wormhole
3 Our members participate in multiple friendly mining ops throughout the day in our homesystem
4 We will be expanding our operations into low-sec ninja mining soon, fleets are forming!

Get in touch with us and we will be very happy to have a good chat!
Don’t forget to bring cupcakes.

Best regards,

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