Recruitment closed

Pochven-based PvP alliance.

What we offer:

▼ Docking access at friendly structures so you can fit and repair your ships despite low Trig standings
▼ Answers to all your standings grinding questions
▼ Friendly, laid back environment and comms with minimal participation requirements
▼ Inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly, low-cringe people and content
▼ Discord, of course
▼ Primarily EUTZ, but happy to branch out.

Join the “Red Skies. Public” channel in-game to speak to a representative.

Looking for small corps, 1-person corps, or anyone else wanting to give Pochven a go.

Lot of folks coming back to the game, interested in seeing what Pochven has to offer. We can help you get your bearings and give you a warm station to tuck into at night. :slight_smile:

Welcoming corps of any size.

Hi there what is youre main TZ please.
I have 3 toons and want to give poch a try,only ever jumped in and back out again,so looking to try poch.
I have 2 toons at 170+mil sp and another at 90mil sp.
Done NS,LS,HS,WORMHOLE SPACE,so looking for some thing different ingame.
I dont get to play much cause of work stuff and home life,if i sound like a fit to corp or alliance mail pete1969 in game.
Cheers mate

Primarily EUTZ. I’ll send you a mail in-game.

Come on, get in here. We got stuffs to do. :wink:

Discover Pochven at your own pace. No required fleets or comms. Living in Pochven is stressful enough… your community shouldn’t be.