Recruitment roles?

Tried to find documentation and came up short. I’d like to help my CEO by maintaining our corp advert. What roles does he need to give me? I could ask for Personnel Manager and see but would like to be sure.

The roles listing at doesn’t answer the question specifically. I want to maintain access to Corporation > Recruitment tab > Corporation Ads

Also I know the ad needs to be paid for, can you help me with that too please?


I like to use EVE Uni’s site on their roles for corporations:

What roles he wants to give out is ultimately up him/her, though I think Personnel Manager does deal with Recruitment and Awards - cant say for the Corp ads unless they are linked to a financial wallet to pay for it. However he wants to structure the corporation is up to him and it is all depends on several things on what the goals are, purpose of the corporation, what roles do everyone play in, how large are you or plan to be, how willing he/she wants to delegate, and etc…

So question would be what do you want to do? You want to accept applications Personnel Manager is the way to go. If you want to put out news and update bulletins you will need Communications role.

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