Recurring Calendar Events

I believe the title speaks for itself, however a feature where the players can make events in their calendar that repeats after X amount of days.

This is useful in many ways, such as:

  • As a corporation director I want to setup recurring Ops every fridays so that my members can easily see corporation Ops for the whole month.
  • As an alliance director I want to setup recurring events for when alliance payment should be made so that my corporations can easily remember these dates.
  • As a player I want to setup recurring events for when I need to check back on PI so that I don’t forget a cycle.

Mainly this is about removing the hassle of having to create these events before hand. Especially if something changes, like the postponing the time, in which case we currently need to edit every single event. Where as with recurring events we would just need to edit the “chain” or “sequence” of events.

Request Features:

  • Recurring Events
  • Ability to edit entire sequences
  • Ability to move individual events from the sequence due to extra-ordinary circumstances, while the remaining sequence stays intact.

PS: It would also be about time that the calendar system receives a bit of love by the developers :slight_smile:
PSS: Linkable events would be a nice-to-have quality-of-life improvement as well.


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These are the types of little things I feel ccp should never work to solve as the serve as part of the push that gets smaller groups to begin organising with third party programs that they will need for systems ccp and eve will never be able to cover.

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